Reza Khazaee says...

Reza Khazaee

I had the pleasure of meeting Don in Fall of 2011 when I came to Western University as an undergraduate student.

I found Don a very interactive and approachable person with a talent of making intelligent conversions. His willingness to learn from everybody, especially young people, and share his experience have developed our regular conversations into a friendship during the last seven years.

I always have admired and respected Don for his eagerness to help others, and encourage young people to develop and pursue their dreams.


I shared with Don my photography work on the National Geography website and to my very delighted surprise he too has a solid background in photography. Don then introduced me to, and now besides being a research assistant at Western University, I'm a still photographer with

I believe Don's wisdom and friendship have made great impacts on everyone’s life who has had the chance to meet him.

Reza Khazaee