Dr. Leah Skory, MD

Thank you to the Production Team for the wonderful opportunities you have given not only my daughter, Serena, but also myself, as I found myself promoted from parent volunteer to sound production! I loved watching my daughter take on the challenge of learning her script and developing her character. Your organization provides an intergenerational experience that would be difficult to replicate in other activities. The film crew and “more mature” actors were very kind and inclusive as they interacted and mentored the teenagers and children. The community you have created ensures that everyone is made to feel welcome and an important part of the team.

From a parent's perspective, you allowed me to hang out with my teenage daughter for much of the summer where many fond memories have been forged. I watched her memorize a script, develop her character, meet strangers, develop friendships, adapt to last minute changes, and maintain patience when filming was on hold to change a battery!

As a family physician, I have observed how many of today's youth are peer and technology focussed, often lacking social skills especially when interacting with adults. Your community of all ages gives teenagers a sense of self-worth and an opportunity to engage with other age groups. In addition to social skills, the teenage actors improve their self-awareness, self-regulation, motivational tools, and ability to feel empathy: all aspects of developing emotional intelligence which is so important to becoming confident leaders of tomorrow.

With much gratitude for the work you do,

Dr. Leah Skory, MD