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Registered Psychotherapist and Drama Therapist Joins iFilmGroup

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iFilmGroup co-founders Matthew Marshall and Don Hickey are delighted to announce a new member to their award winning Production Team. Golden opportunities for all existing and future actors and crew members with the introduction of Angel Bilagot to our Production Team will enhance our acting workshops and teaching methods.

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Angel Bilagot is a Registered Psychotherapist and Drama Therapist. Angel graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a combined degree of Psychology and Theatre. She completed her Master’s Degree at Concordia University, specializing in Drama Therapy.  She continued her training in Drama Therapy in New York City while working as a Therapist at the PTSD Clinic in New Haven, Connecticut. She was provided with the opportunity to have gained professional experiences to work, teach, and develop programs for environments such as the Jewish General Hospital (Montreal), The Canadian Institute for Neuro-Integrative Development (Montreal), The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, and The University of Alberta (Edmonton).  

Drama therapy uses drama and theatre to achieve therapeutic goals. Simply put, a drama therapist uses drama in a skilled and intentional way to help others. In drama therapy, dramatic play can be done in a safe environment under the guidance of a trained therapist who can use these moments of play to help a child heal and grow.

It is through the art of drama and play that many people learn to express themselves better and gain confidence in interaction in the world as well as how to effectively deal with personal matters and worldly issues in a more effective way. Drama and acting can be a tool in which those involved can gain some amazing benefits and encourage personal growth within individuals and positive meaningful change in a person’s life.

She is dedicated to helping children, teens, and families through the use of art. She has worked nationally and internationally and strives to provide a safe, supportive and creative space that encourages personal growth and change in a meaningful way.

Dramatic play, whether formal (theatre experience) or informal (playing at home) allows children, youth and teens to safely express themselves, try on different characters, experiment with a different voice, and make brave choices.