extras give praise to crew

pic from movie "Blue Love" a m & s Marshall Production

The people have spoken. The response is very positive and has the iFilmGroup team very humbled. “The responses from extras that were part of the filming of "Blue Love" on Saturday, July 14th have been overwhelming”, says Community Engagement Manager and co-founder of iFilmGroup, Don Hickey.   “People had a great time and they have been sharing so with me” says Matthew Marshall who is the film director of "Blue Love" and the other co-founder of iFilmGroup.

The large extra list for the scene had a number of iFilmGroup members, but it also had an even larger number of people who had never been a part of a film or filming with the iFilmGroup. Those were the people that most of the comments came from.  Marshall and the team have received a large number of emails, messages and comments from people who attended the day of filming and found it “enjoyable”, “informative”, and “educational”.  A number commented on the professionalism of the set and how it was run.  Marshall’s response to all this praise?  “I’m honour and humble that they enjoyed the experience and have chosen to share their kind words with us. Thanks everyone for that. The positive feedback has been very nice”, says Marshall.

Marshall knows how a film sets works and how much goes into making a movie. Along with how many moving parts are involved in making it all happen, that people don’t always see. He also knows having that many people in a location and having to wait for lights, and camera set up and actors to finish makeup and hair can cause a lot of down time for those that are just there to be a small part.  “For anyone who has been on an "indie" film set you know if can be a bit of craziness for crew and a lot of prep for featured cast and a whole lot of waiting for extras.

So for people to have said the kind words they have is very nice to hear”, adds Marshall.  From Marshall perspective even though they had no lines and were just part of the “crowd” so to speak, the extras were very important. After all if no one attended the wedding what would that say about the people getting married. In the story line this scene is early on in the film and shows a happier time for the couple. Having lots of guest at the wedding shows that at one time they had a lot of people wanting them to be happy.  Neil Patrick Harris an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, magician, and singer known for his roles on “Doogie Howser MD” and “How I met Your Mother” has a quote that Marshall feels applies in this case.  “Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still have a big impact” Neil Patrick Harris.

Many of those that attended commented on how it was lots of fun or said thank you for the opportunity. All that responded with kind words said that they can’t wait to do it again. For many, it was their first time experience as an extra. They found it very enjoyable and got a lot out of the experience and thought it was an interesting, informative and educational look at how a film comes together. All of those that sent messages are excited for more opportunities in the future to be extras in a film.  Marshall and the iFilmGroup team now have a new list of extras that they will be calling on for the next time they need some for a scene.