Immediate Casting Call


Saturday, August 17, 2019

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iFilmGroup are looking for multi-cultural individuals to be part of the filming of the final scenes of the dramatic film “Not Ready” on Saturday August 17th 2019. The production team is seeking both male and female individuals of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds to be a part of the scene where people cast will be playing vigil attendees. Age range 9 yrs -70 yrs.

Those who are cast as extras will receive an IMDb credit.

Filming takes place on Saturday August 17th between 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Individuals must be able to stay entire time until released from filming.

Those applying must submit head shot / head & Shoulder picture. Acting Resume are optional if individual has one, but is not mandatory.



People cast will be part of a group of individuals who are attending a vigil for a main character that is dying. The vigil will be outside that person’s home. The character is an important part of the community and we would like to show diversity within the scene and have people from all different cultures, faiths, social groups and walks of life represented in the scene.

Arab / Arabic – Males & females of age range of 9 to 70
* Special note team is looking for one individual of Arabic decent who is female between the ages of 18 to 30 to play of a role of Muslim Woman with a hijab.

Asian – Males & Females of age range 9 to 70
Caucasian and European origin -
Males & Females of age range 9 to 70
Indigenous - Males & Females of age range 9 to 70
Latino - Males & Females of age range 9 to 70
Mexican - Males & Females of age range 9 to 70
Sub-Saharan Africa - Male & Females of age range 9 to 70

If you're interested, please send us a Headshot (head shoulder picture) and a resume / summary if you have previous experience of prior acting experience or work experience.

For those interested, they can send info to both emails – &

Location details will be given when individuals apply and are cast. - Casting Call - Summer 2019 - Movie - “Not Ready” - 28-07-19