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London, Ontario native and award winning actress Marley Cabral announced via social media that she accepted the offer to attend Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts-Performance Program at downtown campus in September 2018.

Marley Cabral OF ifilmGroup.org

Marley Cabral OF ifilmGroup.org

This is yet another step for Cabral in pursuing her love and passion of acting. A path that was inspired by the process of working with award winning director Matthew Marshall when Cabral got the opportunity to play the lead role of “Emma” in Marshall’s short film “Tuned In”.  A role that she had to admit “I related to on a number of levels”, says Cabral. The role of Emma brought some challenges to Cabral in pushing through the process of making the film. Especially since the role of Emma was the lead character and was in just about every scene. "Tuned In’s" director Matthew Marshall fully understands how tough making a film is.

“Making a film or being part of a theatre show is not for the weak at heart. Regardless if you’re acting or behind the scenes“, says Marshall. But the reward on the other side for Cabral, lead to her capturing five “Best Actress” awards as well as several nominations for her performance. Including prestigious nominations in two big festivals. One being a nomination at the MIC International Awards Gala for Youth for Best Actress in a short film (Age 16 Category) for her portrayal of Emma.

Although she did not win, being nominated was a huge honour and tribute to her performance. The second big nomination for the role of Emma was at the International Christian Film Festival where she went up against the best in the world for “Best Lead Actress”. Again she did not win, but the nomination against the best in the world was a big honour. She followed up her role of Emma with a second production with Marshall where she played the role of “Brittany” in his short film, “Malicious Attack” dealing with Bullying. It was another role that she related to and was able to expand her expression of herself through the role. The film is to be released later in 2018.

Cabral feels these two films were a great experience for her and allowed her to develop her skills as an actor and be mentored by some amazing fellow cast members. “How do you put into words about a process that changes your life and helps to define what you want to do in the future? These two films changed my life in so many ways through the life lessons I learned and skills of acting and film production that I gain through them” says Cabral. “They set me on my way of knowing what I wanted to do”, adds Cabral.

What she wants to do is act and getting into the Fanshawe Theatre Arts – Performance program is that next step for her to learn how to take her acting to the next level. “I am so proud of Marley and her taking this next step in her acting career”, says Marshall. “This will do nothing but enhance her immense acting talent she already has. The Fanshawe Theatre Arts-performance program is amazing. I have worked with a number of people that have come out of that program”, adds Marshall.

Cabral feels a number of things that she took away from the process of the two films will help her with this newest adventure of post-secondary studies. But one thing stood out more than the rest that she really feels will help her. “From making the films, I took away from it all that no matter what when things get hard you have to push through them to get the amazing outcome of all the hard work you have put towards it”, says Cabral. That is something that Marshall feels will serve her well. Before she starts the program in September, Cabral will be a part of one more of Marshall’s productions as she will play the role of “Diamond” in the newest dramatic film by m & s Marshall Productions called “Blue Love”.

Marley is passionate about her craft of acting. She cut her teeth walking the boards of London Ontario’s very own Original Kids Theatre Productions. Over the past few years she been a part of a number of Original Kids Theatre Company Productions including “Chicago”, “Green Girl in "Shout", Billy in "Honk", Daughter in "Pirates of Penzance Jr", and Lulu in "The Best Haunted House Ever", Camilla in "Starmites" and Women #1 in "Trojan Women". She has also been a part of a TV series and other films outside of the ones done with Marshall. She has played a student in the short film “Crucified” and also a student in the TV series “Kids Town”.

Cabral is entering into a well-respected acting program in the Fanshawe Theatre Arts-Performance. The program is well known for preparing those that graduate for a career in theatre, film and television. The program is also an excellent preparation for drama teachers and entrepreneurs. The two-year conservatory program will give those taking it a practical experience in acting for the stage, mask work, play analysis, improv, and acting for the camera. Those in the program also take other specialized master classes and will work with professional artists on a graduating project that will come together as a professional production.

Each student is guided through a process of discovering a method of acting that brings out their full potential and they emerge with a deep understanding of Shakespeare, theatre history, movement for actors, and the business of acting. Those that graduate emerge with a strong foundation for launching a professional career. Helena Rose an iFilmGroup acting coach and the actress playing the lead role of Kaitlyn in "Blue Love", as well as having been cast in a number of other productions with the key plays of the iFilmGroup is a graduate of the program. As is other "Blue Love" cast members "Alex Tremblay" and "Steven Treavor".

Now Cabral prepares for this next adventure in her acting journey with this two year program armed with all her past experience and prepared for the new challenges that she faces. Cabral is excited to see what this new chapter in her life brings and how it will allow her to grow and stretch as an actress. “I can’t wait to get into the program and learn how to take my acting to the next level. I’m so looking forward to it”, says Cabral.

As the lights dim, the curtain will rise and Cabral will prepare to centre stage, to breathe life into her dream. The lights will come up and she will begin her studies for a career on the stage or screen in the state of the art facilities in the vibrant downtown of London, Ontario.

Marley Cabral take your cue and allow your dream to soar. iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions congratulates you on taking this next step and wishes you all the best. “Break a Leg”!