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Maysee McLean Lands More Roles

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Strathroy native and actress Maysee McLean has left a big impression with the m & s Marshall Productions and iFilmGroup. To the point it has landed her three roles in three different productions. Miss McLean was part of the auditions held on Jan 27th in London Ontario.

She could have never anticipated what would come out of those auditions and the audition team was not fully prepared for what McLean would bring to the Audition. “When I saw her original audition video, I knew she had talent,” says Matthew Marshall the co-owner of m & s Marshall Productions and one of the founders of iFilmGroup.

But Marshall and the rest of the casting team were blown away by what Maysee brought to the audition in her talent. “I set up a number of elements to her auditions to feel out a gut feeling I had about her and she knocked each element out of the park and blew each member of the audition team away,” says Marshall about her auditions.

There was little doubt in discussions after the audition that McLean was really good and needed to be part of some of the upcoming productions. Her performance was so good it lead Marshall and his co-writer Helena Rose to change a character within the script of Blue Love into a bigger role for McLean to play. That role is the role of Piper Keys. A character that we originally see with several characters who are part of a group of prostitutes in which the husband of the main character has got involved with. Later we see Piper Keys connected with a group of street kids that the main character Kaitlyn runs into.

Marshall also has decided to cast Miss McLean in some more shots that are being done for the short film about depression "Struggles Within". Marshall along with the production team from the film did some shooting of some new dramatic footage to add to the original film to enhance and better explain the issue of depression told in the film. “Part of her audition really showed her strength in acting out a dramatic situation with no words about depression. I think her skills and talents will enhance the production by adding some shots with her in it.

The final role she has been cast in is the iFilmGroup promotional video in which the group is doing to explain what they are doing in making inter-generational films with youth/teens and seniors.

From McLean’s perspective she is very overjoyed for all the opportunities that she has been given. “I’m so excited to be a part of upcoming projects with m and s production as well as iFilmGroup. I look forward to working with the team. These three roles are such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as an actress,” says Mclean.

In the last year or so McLean has been striving to broaden her experience. Which included attending the May 2017 CMTC (Canadian Modeling Talent Conference) in Toronto. CMTC was developed in 1991 to help create the right time and place for models/talent to be educated and showcased.

McLean is a talented singer who has sang in a number of recitals. She is also not new to acting as she has a fair bit of home town experience as well as some work In front of the camera. She has had a number of roles with the Youth Performing Arts in Strathroy. Including she has been an Oompa Loompa, in Willy Wonka. She was in all the scenes singing and dancing for "Gleek". She played the Big Bad Wolf in "Into the Woods", “Kaa” the snake in "Jungle Book" to name her highlight roles. She played Mama Ogre in "Shrek Jr", Doo Whop girl in "Little Shop of Horrors", Sandy in a Jr version of "Grease" and the female lead Molly in "Peter and the Starcatcher".

She has been part of three TV commercials; "Sharky's Cuts for Kids", "Progressive Countertops", and 2016- "Boys and Girls Club of London".

“I look forward to working with Maysee. I think she will be a huge asset to all the projects and her talent will most certainly shine through in the roles she plays” says Marshall.