Details of Workshop Day

APRIL 3, 2018 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight time
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Details of Workshop Day- APRIL 2018

iFilmGroup Workshop Montage

iFilmGroup Workshop Montage

The iFilmGroup is preparing for a workshop day for its youth/teens and its seniors. The workshop day will feature some interactive acting social games as well as some hands on experience with scene work and mock auditions.  Pictures and filming will be done of the event to be used as part of a iFilmGroup Promotional video.

iFilmGroup is an inter-generational film program with youth and seniors making award winning films together.  iFilmGroup's vision is to network the different generations of skills and talents as the different generations transition the journey of life.

“It's really incredible to watch today's youth working with seniors.  Some caught the acting bug through theatre, or at their school. The group is about the building of relationship between youth and seniors and the benefits they gain from each other”, says the co-founder and Community Engagement Manager of iFilmGroup, Don Hickey.

“iFilmGroup really is about relationship building and  mentoring while learning about the craft of film making” says Matthew Marshall the other co-founder of iFilmGroup and co-owner of m & s Marshall Productions. “The program is about developing life skills that enrich all ages. Together we are learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations”, Marshall goes on to say.

“It's amazing to see these young people develop a passion for learning skills and life perspectives from seniors. You can actually see them discover a new part of themselves and how they embrace what they thought was an unreachable goal” adds Hickey.

The program officially was created in July 0f 2017 and has been growing ever since. The concept has been in practice by Hickey and Marshall for a number of years.

The program and work shop is open to anyone who is a youth to young adult between ages 11 and 25 on one end and then anyone who is a senior. They do have some people that are in the transitions of life that fall in-between those ages. “We don’t turn down anyone, but the focus is on youth to young adults and seniors” says Hickey.  The iFilmGroup has a pool of people working with them now but is always open to new additions. “iFilmGroup is  always looking for individuals with a passion for film making to fill spots in upcoming productions and projects”, Says Marshall.

The location, date and time of the event is in the works and public notice will be shared when released.

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London ■ St. Thomas ■ Chatham-Kent
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