Facts About Shooting Ronny's Bench

Photo of Don Hickey of www.iFilmGroup.org

Photo of Don Hickey of www.iFilmGroup.org

Ronny's Bench is a movie short of 13.5 minutes. It was shot over 3 days. Even though it has a few youth actors [extras], we did use youth as crew. It was a lot of fun to make. The Ronny character was introduced to the co-producer during early script review. It was shot exclusively in Chatham - Kent, Ontario, Canada.

The story line has a sister and brother living together in the same house that was left to them by their last remaining parent. Alone in the house with debt over their heads, some thing has to be done. The sister works retail and it's getting tough for her. Her brother over hears this and he decides to do something about it.

Ronny has a favorite bench in a park where he does a lot of thinking. He found a solution to the debt problems, but he's unsure whether he's got it right!

Don Hickey wrote and co-produced this 14 minute movie short. Hickey and the actors and crew were very happy to receive recognition at film festivals for this short. This movie opened the way for extras and crew members to be "picked up" by other productions associated with iFilmGroup.org

Don Hickey created the character Ronny and was cast by audition process for this lead.

This little movie short changed the lives of many people connected with it. Actors and crew met other people on the set. These other people saw the teamwork performed by the group. Matthew Marshall of m & s Marshall Productions met Don Hickey on set. Don met crew members and actors. Actors and crew that had smaller roles met people that had connections to other productions. The networking was a hive of the  'right people at the right time'.

Within a short time... iFilmGroup.org was founded. This created a bigger network within the movie industry in southwestern Ontario, gathered under the professionalism of the iFilmGroup.org mandate and leadership. 

Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall predict great success  for many that will work with iFilmGroup.org

Just look at the accolades and testimonies.

Image of award from Los Angeles
image of award. Official Selection Canadian Diversity Film Festival.
image of Best Actor Award for Don Hickey
image of Best Supporting Actor fro Jamie Rainbird
Image of Punjab Film Festival Official Selection for Ronny's Bench