A director of a film or a play on stage is always looking for the right person for a part. Directors and Casting Teams review endless self-tapes and live auditions. Some common things come out of all these auditions. Most people auditioning lack one or even more of these 6 qualities. The unfortunate thing is most don’t know they are lacking them.

Actors that master some or all of these skills will change their auditions results in ways that they may not believe. Once an actor knows how to tap into these things, your performance will set you apart from the pack and get you the Call Back and even the role you so deserve!

So here are the key qualities that directors look for in an audition:

1) PRESENCE: Are you being in the moment or are you in your mind? Are you listening to your scene partner or getting ready to deliver your next line? Are you grounded, connected and in your state of flow? Is your whole body’s energy centred, aligned and focused on the moment and the piece you are reading or a part of? If not it needs to be. 

2) CHARISMA: It's that unique magnetism, that irresistible energy that makes you attractive and compelling. When casting directors and directors can’t take their eyes off of you. And this has nothing to do with physical appearance

3) CONFIDENCE: Are you willing to take risks and make bold choices with assertiveness? A director will always prefer to give the part to an actor who made a different choice than him/her possible vision but made that choice with confidence, then an actor who played it safe (conventional) and sounded just like everyone else. Always trust your instincts or “gut” feeling.

4) PREPARATION & PROFESSIONALISM: You arrive on time or ahead of schedule, you come prepared with what has been asked of you, you have learned all your lines, did your research and analyzed the context of the scene. You made an effort to look the part and created a technical environment that inspires the scene in the film. This means great lighting, sound, and camera angle. Bring key props that can affect your body language. Stop miming or pretending. You also got a great reader to bounce energy from.

5) TONE: You understood the subtext of the script. You provided that extra vibe in the delivery of your dialogue and body language. Storytelling is elevated through the subtle shifts in tone, energy, flow, and intention.

6) GRAVITAS: Gestures and movement have an immediate gravitas effect that registers on acoustic and visual levels in an audition. Can the people watching your audition feel what you are trying to show them? How much can they read from your eyes and sense in your aura about the internal life, of the character? Are you exuding the depth, substance, sincerity, and truth of the character without even pronouncing a word? It all happens in the eyes, in the moments of silence between the lines. We must see it and feel it within the first 5-10 seconds of the audition or you may lose the interest of those watching. When a director finds an actor with gravitas and depth, as the director, we feel like we have found something special. We feel excited, inspired, connected, and even moved... sometimes to tears. It's magic! We start visualizing the actor being in the film and playing the role. 

In acting auditions, there is no Right or Wrong.

Just Believable or Not Believable.

iFilmGroup - Advise From Director - 6 QUALITIES DIRECTORS LOOK FOR IN AN ACTOR