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Steinberg Cast in  "Sword in the Stone"

Max Steinberg

Max Steinberg who has been a part of several films associated with iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions is setting out on his biggest acting quest yet. He is honoured to be part of the multi award winning screenplay, "1000 - Sword in the Stone" filming during the Summer of 2018.

The story of the genuine sword in the stone, set in Italy between the year 1000 and the year 1180. An adventurous and exciting journey through medieval Italy.

Max’s previous roles included Young Ryder in "Black Donnelly’s", Newsboy in "Red Ryder", Liam in "Malicious Attack", Chris in "Summer of Discovery".

Max has a busy 2018 schedule. As he will be part of iFilmGroup’s promo video and is also scheduled to be one of the Basketball teens in Matthew Marshall’s newest film "Blue Love". Later in 2018 he will be part of the cast IN the short film "Not Ready".