“Struggles Within” has been selected
to be “in consideration” by the Top Indie Film Festival

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iFilmGroup is excited to announce that the short film “Struggles Within” has been selected to be “in consideration” by the Top Indie Film Festival. This is the films first film festival to be in consideration for awards since being released in late July.  The Top Indie Film Festival is a festival that supports independent film makers and knows how hard it is to write a script and take the script to the finished film.  The festival wishes to reward hard working film makers and help them find success and celebrate their achievements with over 30 categories for films to win in. The festival is also a recognized IMDB festival.

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The Top Indie Film Festival is an online competition so films are not screen films to the public. They have an “industry” panel of Film Makers that judge the films. All submissions must meet the festivals high judging standards to be considered for official selection and any awards.  Every two months in a cycle, the panel choose nominees and winners so filmmakers don't have to wait an entire year for results. It is important to the festival to allow film makers to quickly build buzz for your project. Winners and nominees and award winners will be announced by the 25th of the following month after the bi-monthly deadline.  Meaning results, for "Struggles Within" should be announced on Sept 25th.  But the final announces for overall awards will be made in January 2018. 

"Struggles Within" is consider a contender in the category of "Experimental Short" film due to it’s out of the box style and look. Using almost no words during the film but relying on the art of dance, drama and emotion to tell the story of one young woman’s struggle with depression. The film is touching people’s hearts and emotions for those that have seen it. Especially anyone who has ties to depression in their own lives either personally or through a family member or friend.

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