“Struggles Within”
Officially Selected at The
Canada  Independent Film Festival

Can Indie FF OS.jpg

The short film “Struggles Within” continues to find success at Film Festivals. With the Canada Independent Film Festival announcing that the film has been officially selected for their festival in February.  The films co-producer Matthew Marshall does caution, “Just because the film has been officially selected does not mean that it will be shown for this festival”, says Marshall.  Not all films get a live theatre festival screening. All official selections can be seen through the virtual screening sessions on the festivals Vimeo channel held in January. All selected films are still included in the competition for their category. Struggles Within has been selected in the Experimental Film Category.  “A film’s screening at the festival or not, has nothing to do with if the film wins in a competitive category” says Marshall. In fact he points out that the film that won best Feature Film last year at the festival was not screened in the theatre. Notification if a film will be shown will be released by the festival in late December.  The live festival and Awards Ceremony will be held in Montreal on February 16th 2019.

Struggles WIthin CAN INDIE FF 11  x 17 poster new.jpg

This is the film’s second official Selection and goes along with wining the Best Experimental film at the fall edition of the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto and two final nominations at the 2018 Top Indie Film Awards. The film received nominations for awards in the categories of “Best Experimental Short” and “Best Original Idea”. The film did not win but the cast and crew were honoured to be nominated for awards.  “The film is turning heads as it speak to people in the international language of dance and drama with very few words explaining the message” says Marshall. Many who have seen the film feel it speaks to anyone who suffers with depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. A number of viewers feel the film has it’s finger on the pulse of what it is like to deal with the inner demons in your head and what visually it looks like to have and deal with depression on a daily bases. The film still has a number of more film festivals that it is entered into, that results have not been released or announced yet.