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We need your donation/support or sponsorship of a production so we may continue with Seniors and Youth earning film awards.

Cheques/Checks or Money Orders may be mailed to us. Please contact us by e-Mail for our mailing address (we operate in Southwestern Ontario at different locations closest to filming locations. We're always all over the map.).

e-Mail Money Transfers can be arranged by contacting us via our e-Mail found on our "Contact" page.


None of our crew or actors are paid.

We want to continue to do this work, but we need funds to continue. All donations go directly to support our productions... for costumes, make-up, back-drops, props, equipment and transportation to/from sets.


 Two of Many Awards

Two of Many Awards

awards TO DATE

90 Awards, 38 Official Selections, 7 Official Nominations, 3 Official Finalist Awards and 2 Official Semi Finalist Awards at Festivals around the world.

Please help up to continue our work.
Don Hickey Community Engagement Manager

Sponsorship Program

For your larger financial sponsorship  we can give you Product Placement or Signage Placement or a "mention in the movie credits", depending on the amount donated.

Films in post-production looking for financial support
"Malicious Attack" and "Blue Love"

Films in pre-production looking for financial support
"Not Ready" and "Ronny's Bench II".

 Youth with on movie set

Youth with on movie set


We need your help to continue.

It's really incredible to watch today's youth working with seniors. Over 300 young people working on our movie sets; some as actors, some as crew members. Some caught the acting bug through theatre, at their school. It's not about the movies and the awards... it's about the relationship between youth and seniors and the benefits they gain from each other.

It's amazing to see these young people develop a passion for learning skills and life perspectives from seniors. You can actually see them discover a new part of themselves and how they embrace what they thought was an unreachable goal.
Don Hickey Community Engagement Manager