Tim Harvey Senior photographer

Tim Harvey Senior photographer

Tim Harvey says...

I own and run a photography company called White Pine Photography and have worked with the iFilmGroup Production Teams on a number of films as the still photographer. Through my time as a photographer and taking pictures I have been a part of many events and seen many groups. This group, stands out in their personal nature and their professionalism and how they treat people. One of the things that stands out during my time on set is how they are willing to bring anyone of any skill level on board to be part of their productions as long as that person is willing to learn and follow the rules and structures that iFilmGroup layout within their program.

The mentoring, teaching and learning that those coming on board to a project receive is second to none as those with greater knowledge on the team bring what they know to set to share with others. I had an opportunity during one production to put my still camera down and work with the team as a camera operator on that film. The team valued my years of experience and was open to my perspective of how I saw things through the lens. I have also had times while on set where I have visually noticed things on set and been able through speaking with the director to speak to members of the camera team to share knowledge of framing with them from my keen photography eye to help make shots better.

These opportunities only came along because of the time spent on set and the trust in my skills that I have built up with the Production Team. The building of personal connections and relationships opens the doors for more opportunities within this team. I love how the team builds relationships between people across generations. They put a high priority on making connections and building networks between people from different generations of skills and talents as each person transitions through their many stages of their life journey.

I have gained some work doing head-shots through White Pine Photography because of the connections and relationships formed working as the photographer with the team.

It is the team’s openness to building with each member that allows anyone that is involve to not only learn about film making, but also to learn and develop life skills that enrich people’s lives. This multi-generational group comes together to change lives and make high quality impactful films that in turn will go out into the world and changes lives. Most recently I have been able to work with this great team as a recording engineer with my other company Sparta Sound. I can't thank Matt and the team enough for this additional great opportunity.


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