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An Inter-Generational Film Group
Mentoring Youth & Seniors

Using over 400 Youth & Senior Actors & Crew - Over 50 Testimonies.
Our Youth Have Been Picked-Up by...
ABC Domestic Television, Rogers, and YTV Productions
Our Crew Member goes to Global Network & SYFY Network

Bringing Youth & Seniors together in Southwestern Ontario to work on film
We hold Workshops on acting and film and allow working on real film sets which enhances our mentoring.
— Film Director: Matthew Marshall


Multi-generational relationship building and  mentoring.

Our vision is to network the different generations of  people skills and talents as different generations transition their journey of life. We have a good solid inter-generational film and crew workshop programs, with youth and seniors making award winning films. Life skills for all ages are taught through our programs.

Learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations are what we like to do.

Today's Youth Working with Seniors

It's really incredible to watch today's youth working with seniors. Over 300 young people working on our movie sets; some as actors, some as crew members. Some caught the acting bug through theatre, at their school. It's not about the movies and the awards... it's about the relationship between youth and seniors and the benefits they gain from each other.

It's amazing to see these young people develop a passion for learning skills and life perspectives from seniors. You can actually see them discover a new part of themselves and how they embrace what they thought was an unreachable goal.

Don Hickey
iFilmGroup Community Engagement Manager

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