Some of our Movie Trailers...



The short film "Struggles Within" has been released. The film is a 14 minute telling of a story through almost all music and dance about a girl struggling with depression and contemplating suicide.  The film is a timely story that speaks to what many people in society are struggling with. It is done in a way that words do not fill the story but images and music so the viewer can “feel” the story being told on screen. It also can be related to if the person watching has had experience in their lives either personally or through a member of their family with the issue of depression or mental illness.

"Struggles Within" is written and directed by Corrinne Wood a Chatham native. When asked about the film, Wood had this to say “mental illness is something really near and dear to my heart, and this film is designed to show an audience who may not be struggling with a mental illness what kind of daily struggles really goes on inside the mind of someone struggling with depression.” The film is an emotional look at one young women’s struggle with depression, her struggles with her inner demons and her choice as to whether she wants to continue to live.  

“Malicious Attack”

Malicious Attack is a 30 minute dramatic film about bullying in a high school.  The story follows teen “Naomi Spencer” (Katie Ostojic) who is pushed to her limits by  the school bully and popular girl “Savannah White” (Elina Lattanzio). Savannah makes Naomi the target of her endless attacks. Till Naomi is pushed to her breaking point.  The film features a large teenage / young adult cast including; Morgan Flanagan, Marley Cabral, Helena Rose, Dina Jasim, Emma Willsie, Aaliyah Paul, Ian James Smith, Tiandra Edwards, Max Steinberg, Serena Webber, Anna Faklan and Zachary Wilson.

“Tuned In”

Tuned In is an award winning film. It features award winning actress Marley Cabral who plays Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table, gets grounded until she learns to get her priorities straight and learns the value of relationships. Marley has won five “Best Actress” awards.