A Pappa says...

It is such a delight to see my interested five grandchildren involved in the film industry, especially when the films relate to social issues. My grandchildren, 5 out of 11 total, have been active as crew, actors and dancers. Each auditioned or were selected by a casting panel related to each production. They have been working with different production houses associated with iFilmGroup.

SOD Aug 5th.jpg

The ages range from seven years to fourteen when they started. Now they are between the ages of ten to seventeen. They know about sound and lighting and the older ones have some knowledge of composition. What I really love is when the movie comes out of post-production and we all see it together. We'll all know how we contributed towards our piece of family history that will be etched in time for future family generations.


I'm really the biggest kid with all of this, I'm a grandfather playing with my grandkids. It's captured... on film, for all to see. Lights camera, action... and don't forget about the movie credits. We all enjoy watching our names on the screen. The hard work of studying lines, remembering cues and the early mornings, travel, and some times late nights, all make it worth it. Especially when the lights are dimmed, and the movie plays for the first time at film festivals.

To borrow a line from actress Elina Lattazio; "Most importantly, the version of me that may not exist in a few years will always live in the moments captured onscreen. I will always be able to visit her. I have had the opportunity to live forever."

My grandkids later in life will have this for their memories and will be able to share all our work down through our family tree. Flip it another way... what if I presented to you a copy of a movie that your grandfather was in many years ago... wouldn't you think that would be neat?!

I hope to stay with my family, playing and working in the film industry through iFilmGroup for a long time.

Happily playing with my grandkids... Pappa