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Spotlight on some of our Films

Listing of actors and crew, and awards


Blue Love Movie Poster iFilmGroup.png

YEAR: 2019
Length:  1hr (Approx.)
PRODUCER: Matthew Marshall, Helena Rose
DIRECTOR: Matthew Marshall
WRITERS: Matthew Marshall & Helena Rose

Main Cast: 35,  Extras: 152,  Crew: 37
Youth/Teens/Young Adults: 72,  Seniors: 28


Struggles WIthin 11 x 17 poster sm.png

YEAR: 2018
Length: 14 Minutes
AWARDS: 1 Award, 2 Award Nominations, and 2 Official Selections at Festivals

PRODUCERS: Corrinne Wood, Donald Michael Hickey, Matthew Marshall
DIRECTOR: Corrinne Wood
WRITER: Corrinne Wood
Cast: 25, Crew: 10 Youth: 25, Seniors: 4

See Trailer for "Struggles Within" here!


"Tuned In"

Tuned In Poster Internet WEB.jpg

YEAR: 2016
Length: 13 Minutes
AWARDS: 40 Awards, 22 Official Selections, 5 Official Nominations, 2 Official Finalist Awards, 2 Official Semi Finalist Awards and an honorable Mention at Festivals around the world.

PRODUCERS: Matthew Marshall and Florin Marksteiner
DIRECTOR: Matthew Marshall,
WRITER: Matthew Marshall
Main Cast: 5, Extras: 11, Crew: 15 Teens/Young Adults: 17, Seniors: 2

See the Trailer for "Tuned In" here.


"Ronny's Bench"


YEAR: 2017
Length: 15 Minutes
AWARDS: 8 Awards at Festivals around the world.

PRODUCERS: Corrinne Wood and Donald Michael Hickey
DIRECTOR: Corrinne Wood,
WRITER: Donald Michael Hickey

Cast: 13, with 4 Youth, 3 Seniors


"Daughter of the King"

Daughter of the King Poster.jpg

YEAR: 2014
Length: 135 Minutes
AWARDS: 32 Awards, 16 Official Selections, 3 Nominations and an Official Finalist at film festivals all around the world.
PRODUCER: Matthew Marshall DIRECTOR: Matthew Marshall,
WRITER: Matthew Marshall
Cast: 35, Crew: 14, Teens/Young Adults: 18, Seniors: 6