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Matthew Marshall of m & s Marshall Productions

Matthew Marshall of m & s Marshall Productions

Storytelling as always interested me since I was five years old and I would act out epic tales with my action figures around the house and in the sandbox. As I grew that passion for stories increased my drive to be more creative, which would eventually lead me to film... with over a 25-year career in the film and media industry.


I had the privilege of having several great mentors in my early years that taught me a lot of the theory. None more so then the teachers I had at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario where I got my base in a two-year diploma in the Audio Visual and Multi-Media Production program. After this program, I spent a year in the industry to return to Fanshawe to take a one-year post-graduate certificate in the newly formed “Broadcast Television digital Application Program”.

It was these programs that set my foundation for the years to come in working in the film and media industry. The training on cameras, learning how to direct, produce and the art of non-linear editing were all polished and nurtured through my time in these programs. These courses were what I built my 25+ years in the industry.

I enjoyed my time with Fanshawe College. It was an enriching time of learning and new friendships were formed. I look back fondly on my time at the college. I recently had an opportunity to return to the college for a meeting and was very proud to see how it has grown and advanced since I was there. I am proud to be a Fanshawe College Alumni.


After my Fanshawe experience was up I continued my education and learning by taking several courses at Western University. These courses were; “writing for the Screen”, a scriptwriting course. I followed that up by taking a course on film making and the film industry called “The Silver Screen: Uncovering the film experience”.

Film making and the film industry is an exciting place where anything can be made possible. Where the imagination, thoughts and dreams have an opportunity to come to life. Where you can inspire others with your ideas. Being part of a Production Team allows for the “veterans” of the industry to teach those new to film making the skills they will use for years to come. A film set is a place for multi-generational relationships and interaction to happen. Where people further along in their life's journey teach the young and young teach the adults. Where mentoring can happen to help filmmakers of all ages to grow and succeed.


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