We are the leading group of experienced film makers in Southwestern, Ontario working with students from local universities and colleges and high schools. Students from these campuses range from actors and crew. Print Media, Broadcast Media and Music students also work on our productions.




Multi-generational relationship building and  mentoring within the independent movie industry.

Our vision is to network the different generations of  people skills and talents within the movie industry with different generations as they transition their journey of life. We have a good solid inter-generational film and crew workshop programs, with youth and seniors making award winning films. Life skills for all ages are taught through our programs.

Learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations are what we like to do.

Over 90 Film Awards Won ! - Awesome Mentoring Programs
Our Youth Have Been Picked-Up by...
ABC Domestic Television, Rogers, and YTV Productions
Global Network & SYFY Network
— From Our Many Participants (read their Testimonials)


  • Introduced positions within the film industry to beginners.

  • Understanding of the processes to begin a career in the film industry.

  • Understanding of “How to Audition”, for a part.

  • Hands-on Training for actors and crew on real movie sets.

  • Leads through our Networking with other Production Companies that make big movies and T.V. Production.

  • Helping students decide if the film industry is right for them. Pre-college students really benefit with this process.

  • Savings on unnecessary high expenses for Head-shots and other demanding items.