Shelby says...

When I first heard about Matthew Marshall from my mom I was excited to meet him and happy that he was giving me a chance to be part of IFilmGroup. I have had the opportunity to be a part of films very close to home.

Having this local film group has given me more opportunities to participate in projects. Also the connections with this film group and their promotion of me has opened doors to be considered for other projects. I have even got to participate in one film, "Blue Love" and play two different roles in the same movie by changing my looks and costumes.

I have felt very comfortable working with this team because on set everybody was friendly and energetic. It has been interesting to learn a lot about behind the scenes and how a film set works. This knowledge will help me as I participate in film work in Toronto.  I have learned to keep in character for a long time. I want to keep learning and moving forward with iFilmGroup for a long time.

It's has been an amazing experience so far.

Shelby Simpson


pic of youth member at

Devynn Carver says...

I have a huge passion for the performing arts. Especially acting. Every single day when I wake up, I get out of bed and I think about what steps I can take to improve my career opportunities, and enjoy the talent that presents itself in performance arts. On one of these morning in the spring of 2018, I was online and found an advertisement to be and extra in a film called “Blue Love” by Helena Rose and Matthew Marshall, for m & s Marshall Productions. I messaged Matthew Marshall who is the film’s director also and he added me to the list of extra’s and sent the dates and times of the filming days. He told me that there was several days that I could be a part of in the film. I just about hopped off my chair, I was so excited. That feeling hasn’t changed. I couldn’t believe it I was going to be in a movie!

Before I knew it, the date for my first every scene arrive and I was on set. Just being on a film set meant so much to me. I couldn’t believe that I was a part of this. It was a dream come true. It all became reality that “I AM IN A MOVIE!” when Matthew first said “action.” I was so excited. I watched the scene play out, and the talented actors where amazing!

I have enjoyed my time working with iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions. I have been a part of the dramatic film "Blue Love" and have been a part of various activities with iFilmGroup. I have been a part of filming footage for the iFilmGroup promo and promotional shots for the group for the website and social media.

I very much enjoy working with the entire iFilmGroup team. Don Hickey the Community Engagement Manager has opened many doors for me, as has other members of the crew. Matthew Marshall is a kind-hearted, friendly, and welcoming person to everyone that is on his set. Reza, the photographer helps you to relax and laugh. As an intern he helps you to feel less nervous about being on set which allows you to relax. This was especially helpful the first time you’re on set. The cast and crew make everyone feel important, because everybody is important on an iFilmGroup set.

I have got to meet many great people through iFilmGroup. All who have made me feel like a part of the team. It has been great being able to be together and talk about film and the iFilmGroup with people like Don, Chassidy, Anna, Maysee and Reza. I feel so lucky to be working with such an amazing and inspirational group of people.

Finding the iFilmGroup was so amazing. For someone like myself that is into dance and acting. Finding this group is a dream come true. They offer an opportunity to be involved with films that you can’t get anywhere else in the area. I really enjoy working with the iFilmGroup to create amazing films and to learn many things about acting and film. The iFilmGroup is an amazing group providing experience in film making for youth and seniors. I love acting for Matthew Marshall under his direction. It has been a pleasure to be able to work with the iFilmGroup production team as well as the rest of the cast and crew. I can't wait for more opportunities to be a part of this group.

Devynn Carver


pic of Chassidy Fleming an actor at

Chassidy Fleming says...

Searching the web one day, was a perfect moment for me. I came across an ad that said actors/actress were needed for “Struggles Within” a short film about depression told through dance.  Getting an amazing role to play one of the main characters for my first film with iFilmGroup, really took me out of my shell. I’ve felt confident in my work ever since.

I was given the opportunity to work with Matthew, Don and the rest of the crew not only on “Struggles Within”,  but also on the dramatic film “Blue Love” which I had auditioned for and thankfully got a role as a street girl as part of a gang.

The entire production team has allowed me to gain some great experience in the film industry and have a better understanding of what to expect next. Not only did it build me as an actress but it helped build me as a person.

Thank you Matthew and Don for believing in me, and helping develop me into who I am today. I’ll forever remember these moments we’ve shared as a team and will carry them on with me as a learning experience.

Chassidy Fleming


pic of actor with

Olivia Torrance says...

I had the opportunity to work with the production team while filming "Struggles Within", a short film which took an emotional look at one young woman’s struggle with depression, and her choice as to whether she wanted to live or die. Almost the entire film is told through dance.

Dance is something I am passionate about. I have been dancing since I was four years old. I have danced competitively at Studio Dance Pointe in St. Thomas for most of my dance career.  I am well-versed in styles of dance such as contemporary, lyrical, ballet, improvisation, tap, jazz, acro, and hip hop. I have had experience in teaching and assistant teaching dance classes of young dancers. My many years of experience has given me the opportunity to work with multiple well established choreographers.

Olivia Torrance in makeup- Struggles Within-

For "Struggles Within" it gave me an opportunity to use my years of experience and skills of dance and choreographer to be a part of the production on two levels. I was the choreographer of the one segment called “Conflict” in the production. I came up with the steps and moves of the segment and worked with the film’s director and producers to take the moves of the segment and transform it into working with the filming of it for the short film.

 Struggles Within Dance team rehearsal

Struggles Within Dance team rehearsal

 Actor/dancer in movie "Struggles Within"

Actor/dancer in movie "Struggles Within"

Being part of the film was an interesting experience and gave me a chance to expand my horizons in dance. I also had the opportunity to work with many of my friends and fellow dancers from Studio Dance Pointe on a dance project that combined our passion for dance and taking on exploring the very important social issue of mental illness and depression.  While working on the film I also got to make new friends as well as mentor some of the younger dancers.  The film was a wonderful learning and teaching opportunity for everyone. Being part of this talented team allowed everyone to develop new skills and was enriching for all those involved.

Olivia Torrance


  Serena Webber

Serena Webber

Being new to the film industry, I had an amazing experience playing the younger sister, Abby, in "Summer of Discovery" and Samantha in "Malicious Attack". Thank you to the Production Team for giving me this opportunity. Driving 3.5 hours each way to get to the set took a lot of commitment, (and fuel!) but I have not been able to find similar opportunities in my home town.

Having now completed my first feature film, I appreciate the amount of effort – from parents bringing food (THANK YOU!) to the importance of lighting, sound and camera angles. Everyone involved worked together and formed a community with a common purpose. Even my mom became part of the crew! Seeing the transformation from script to set, was remarkable and I was impressed by the creativity and dedication that the crew brought every day.

I became good friends with the other actors and enjoyed my time both on and off the set. I realized though, that at home I usually spend time with kids my own age. While on the set, I had to interact with all ages, which initially seemed awkward, but by the end we were all a big family. The actors and crew who were older, (like my grandparents), were really kind and they taught me lots about the acting world. I also had an opportunity to develop some leadership skills when helping out with the younger children.

Filming is not without problems. I learned how to face uncertainty and adapt to last minute changes. There were also times when we had to film a scene way too many times because of planes or cars that kept driving by. Although frustrating, I learned to accept what we cannot change and make the most of each moment.

My character, Abby, who struggled with her older sister, taught me the importance of caring for others and how small actions will have a larger domino effect on those around us. Morgan, who played my older sister, was so helpful in reviewing my lines prior to a scene. She also gave me some great advice as I was preparing to start high school – just like a big sister!

My own summer of discovery left me more socially confident with other age groups, more patient when things don't go my way, and appreciative of what a group of people can accomplish when we all work together.

Serena Webber


Tiandra Edwards
Tiandra Edwards

Tiandra Edwards says...

I had the privilege to work with this wonderful Production Team on two productions. I played two roles that have a number of similarities. In the short film "Malicious Attack" directed by Matthew Marshall, I played "Sara" a pregnant teenager who is bullied and made fun of.  Playing this role was an opportunity to learn more about a number of things. First off I learned about the issue of bullying. I gained a greater understanding of what someone that is bullied goes through. Playing this character and working with the director taught me coping skills to deal with bullying and life lessons on this very big issue that is happening in schools every day.

In the feature film "Summer of Discovery" directed by Corrinne Wood I played the role of "Nancy" who is a “want a be” popular person in her group of supposed friends. They are not really her friends. They are using her. However this character wants to be popular so bad that she is willing to do anything to be a part of the popular group. She endures insults and is made fun of.  She is made to be their servant and carry around their books and purses just to be able to be part of the group.  The film shows what it is like to endure peer pressure and how people can wear a “made up mask” and pretend to be something that they are not really on the inside.

Both roles were challenging and stretched me as an actress.  Diving into these roles allowed me to learn good communication skills and how to show more emotion while acting. I learned much from the fellow actors and crew that were part of the production team.  I got opportunities to meet new people, create new relationships and learn more about acting and being on a film set. Being a part of this Production Team was great because they got the job done while still making sure all those involved on cast and crew had fun and had a great time. Working on these films has been such an amazing experience where I learned a lot. I am so glad I have joined this group of people to work with because they are so kind, supportive, and hardworking.

Tiandra Edwards


Katie Ostojic
Katie Ostojic

Katie Ostojic says...

I have had the pleasure of working with Matthew Marshall and Corrinne Wood for three productions.

In "Tuned In", I was a student in the background during the school scene. In the short film "Struggles Within", I was the lead role of “The Girl” who struggles with depression. In this role I got to mix my passions of dance and acting.  I was then the lead role of teenager Naomi Spencer in the short film "Malicious Attack" about Bullying. Naomi is at the centre of getting bullied and must try to endure the bullying of Savannah.

Each of these roles has changed me as a performer in different ways and allowed me to grow in my skills and talents of performing.

In being a part of these three films it has given me an opportunity to gain experience in the areas of acting and dance on screen, along with developing my skills of working on a film set and being a member of the Production Team.

I thank them both for these opportunities.

Katie Ostojic


Dina Jasim
Dina Jasim

Dina Jasim says...

I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the talented director and writer Matthew Marshall on two of his films. The first was his short film “Malicious Attack” about bullying where I played the character of Linda Tai. My character struggles with being bullied and dealing with depression because of the bullying she endures. Having the chance to play this complex character of Linda was a wonderful opportunity to explore the social issues of bullying and depression while also embracing my culture and heritage in the character through the film.

The second opportunity was to play a nurse in the hour long film "Blue Love". A profession that is close to my heart as I have trained to be a nurse so that I can help other people out. I once again was given the opportunity to embrace my culture and play a nurse of Muslim heritage. The film also explored themes of mental illness and depression. Social issues I have seen all around me while training to be a nurse.

Playing these roles and having a chance to live another life, experience different feelings, and get to think differently without being judged through the art of film was a pleasure. As teenagers and young adults the need of experiencing different life and exploring new things is important and present. Acting usually delivers a message not only to the people watching but also to those who play the roles. Actors live different lives while acting with different characters, talking to different people, go through different feelings, which gives them a new life image and experience. Working with director Matthew Marshall and m & s Marshall has given me the chance to see how bullied people feel and what they can turn into. As well as the effects of how bullying can affect people and send them into depression. How the people around us can affect our mood and feelings. How a spouse like Craig in "Blue Love" saying mean things can and being intimidating to his wife can affect her negatively.  We all need to remember that words are a weapon that can kill by slowly hurting others feelings and emotions. We each need to stand up for ourselves and the people around us we love. Ensuring that we help build each other up and build each other’s self-esteem through positive words and actions.

“Malicious Attack” reflects on an issue we have nowadays with teens and especially high school students. Our goal of the production was to deliver a message to the community, families, bullies and specifically bullied people to help them get out of their silent zone. This film is a valuable tool to open up a discussion about bullying with teenagers, parents and school officials. Although my role in "Blue Love" was small I got to play a role in a profession that I love and we even filmed on Nurse Appreciation day. The film looked at the social issue of mental illness. It looked at the difficult role that nurses have to take care of people and balance their personal lives as well.

I was proud to be a part of both these projects and work with this amazing team that made these films. It is through opportunities like these films done by Matthew, the iFilmGroup and the people that are working with them, that teenagers and young people are able to gain experience and better their lives which will make each of us better adults in the world of tomorrow. I am grateful for these opportunities to be a part of these films and for what it has given me, both in an acting sense but also what I have gain on a personal level as I move forward in my life. I thank iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions for giving me these opportunities.

Dina Jasim


 Aaliyah Paul at

Aaliyah Paul says...

I had an amazing experience working with Corrinne and Matthew on the films “Summer of Discovery” and “Malicious Attack”. It was a very enriching experience to be on set for both of these films. The Production Team was very professional and I felt very close with the crew because of how nice and reassuring they were. The entire process was very fun and I met some people during the process that I might have otherwise never met. I love filming and being in front of the camera; and I have always hoped to be in a film one day. So when I heard about this opportunity I was very excited to be a part of it. I have learned so much and gained new skills from what I was shown by being a part of the cast. Being part of these films with the production team has helped me to improve my acting skills so much.I am very thankful to have been a part of these two productions and my chance to work with this Production Team. I can't wait to take these experiences into the near future. Lots of thanks to Corrinne, Matthew and the whole Production Team. I hope to work with them again in the future.

Aaliyah Paul


Emma Willsie says...

My name is Emma Willsie and I have had the opportunity to be part of three films with iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions.

I have portrayed a bully in Corrinne Wood's feature film “Summer of Discovery” and a victim of bullying in Matthew Marshall's short film “Malicious Attack” and a Street Teen named Sapphire in “Blue Love”, also directed by Matthew Marshall.

As a young girl who lived through bullying at a young age playing the “bully” in Corrinne Wood's “Summer of Discovery” movie was a little nerve racking because I’m not that type of person in real life. Corrinne made me feel completely confident in the role. She directed me on how to better play the role and brought the best out of me as an actress. Watching the other cast mates and learning from them helped tremendously as well.

While playing the opposite roll of Jessica brown in Matthew's “Malicious Attack” it was also very trying because I'm a pretty stubborn person. Making it difficult for me to play the victim of a bully and feel threatened. Matthew was very encouraging and supportive in getting me to become the character. He had some great strategies to help get me into the role and portray the character in a very real way.

"Blue Love" also had its challenges but with the past experience of acting with this team it has become easier to explore the various characters I am playing and easier to express the character more naturally.

Through the direction of these two directors I was able to remember going through a hard time as a young child and bringing those experiences into these wonderful films. Being a part of these productions made me feel like I was helping bring a light on how issues that happen in the world. Making a difference in the world. Especially how bullying influences youth in their everyday lives. The messages these films are trying to get out to the public about bullying and other social issues like depression and abuse is wonderful and I hope that these movies help others who are dealing with these situations on daily basis. Through these films they teach good messages that youth can use in their daily lives and apply if they find themselves in situations like are part of the film.

I learned a lot from being a part of these films. Being on set shows you all the behind the scene things that go on in making a movie. It was very exciting and lots of fun. They create a safe environment to learn and express yourself creatively within the roles. They are patient and understanding with people that are learning. They allow you to be your character, but they guide you in how to do things better. The experience makes me want to be a part of more productions to continue to grow my craft of acting and learn more.

I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Emma Willsie


Elina Lattazio says

In the play Moonlight and Magnolias, Ron Hutchinson writes, “It is only in the movies that the dead can walk”. He then poses the question “You have any other way to live forever?”

For a teen-aged film actor, this quote strikes a chord that is very specific to the adolescent phase of life. On the cusp of embarking on the journey of life, teenagers are forced to confront the idea that their childhoods will one day come to an end. There is an ever-present sense of foreboding, reminding the person that adulthood will force changes in our lives and even our characters that cannot possibly be anticipated. Such changes come with independence and responsibility. For many, the termination of the childhood phase can be likened to the death of our sheltered, child like existences.

Participation in film aids in the transition, both in the moment and long after. Throughout this inner turmoil, acting is remarkably therapeutic. While on set, an actor escapes the present moment. In lieu of struggling with his/her own emotions and grievances, the emotions and grievances of another person overcome he/she entirely. The actor is free to feel, speak and act without the consequences of the real world. In many ways, acting is meditative.

However, when the moment ends, the artists involved are left with a treasure.

To say that film allows individuals to live forever is not limited to a film existing after a person’s passing. Throughout the beginnings and endings of all phases of life, a film remains constant. A film is a record of the teen actor’s work at a time just before he/she becomes someone else entirely: an adult.

Participating in film allows the teen version of oneself to live beyond its time. Throughout the ebbs and flows of the transition between phases, actors can look upon a film with satisfaction. They will know that in their youth, they had been part of a team of like-minded people who created something that will withstand the test of time.

The work of artists such as Matthew Marshall and Corrinne Wood provides ordinary teens with the opportunity to live forever, without stunting their creative growth. Looking back on films lets us see our development as actors, learn from our experiences, and hone skills that we may not have ever had the opportunity to hone. We learn practical skills such as working with the equipment, as well as universal problem-solving skills that will serve us throughout our lives (regardless of our chosen career paths).

I am passionate about the experiences I have had working on films such as "Malicious Attack" and "Summer of Discovery", as I have learned lessons and made memories—as well as tangible products—that will last a lifetime. I have tapped into characters, spoken words and felt emotions that have given me a broader perspective on the human experience. I have met people who have become my friends and allies in the pursuit of future acting endeavors.

Most importantly, the version of me that may not exist in a few years will always live in the moments captured onscreen. I will always be able to visit her. I have had the opportunity to live forever.

Elina Lattazio


 Andrew Khalil

Andrew Khalil says...

I have had the privilege of working with the brilliant director and writer, Matthew Marshall, on several projects such as “Malicious Attack”, “Addictions” along with other smaller projects for the past 7 years. Although I do not have a film/theatre background or experience, Matthew has never rejected an opportunity for those who share the same heart and passion for the message as I was able to find myself on his set in various roles.

Matthew has dedicated his life to fulfilling his vision in fighting social injustice and perplexing issues such as bullying, addiction, human trafficking, and faith from the perspective of young people and the underprivileged through his gifts of creative script writing and directing. Although I do not intend to be an actor or enter the film industry, Matthew has given me the opportunity to experience my passions through various projects through different roles, technical work, or even observing from behind the scenes. Through these, Matthew has taught me additional valuable lessons that continually encourage me to be a part of his projects from management and leadership to social interactions and knowledge about modern social issues.

Through my experience with Matthew, I was inspired by his level of professionalism while simultaneously giving a friendly and positive atmosphere on set, even on longer work days. Above all, Matthew values work relationships and connections between the entire cast regardless of their role, promoting a special sense of inclusion and privilege to be a part of his work. Moreover, Matthew is extremely patient and organized. He uses the tough moments to positively teach and improve his cast. This helps strengthen the morale and growth of his young cast and brings them closer to their dreams and living their passion.

While other mainstream industries could have accelerated path to success, Matthew continues in his uphill battle in living his purpose and raising awareness. Still, his quality shines through his success indicated by achieving numerous various awards over the past few years. This encourages many of the youth and young adult’s part of the project and increases self-confidence while prompting additional projects that allow for more opportunities and positions for young people to find and continually live their passions!

Andrew Khalil