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APPLICATION FOR CONSIDERATION [ for any volunteer actor or crew position with iFilmGroup ]

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Take-note: Our H.R. department is one of our busiest departments in administration. Please co-operate with our procedures. This will allow us a speedy review and evaluation of your application.

Only applicants that we feel will work with us will be notified.

Notification may take up to 10 working days. Please do not "hound" us before the 10 days. We know you might be excited in applying, but by not following the 10 day waiting period you are displaying you can't follow direction.

When making initial contact with us, please be prepared with this data. We have many applicants. Any applicant "not supplying"  proper information will be dropped to a "lower" review status. In the movie industry, you must show us you can follow direction.

Our Enrollment Team checks e-Mail several times a day and are very good at responding back via e-Mail.

Procedure: Read this very carefully.

Please e-Mail to us: 

  1. Date

  2. Your full name.

  3. Address.

  4. Phone number/s. (indicate which one is cell phone).

  5. e-Mail

  6. Best time of day to contact you?

  7. Resume.

  8. Headshot [a clear, in focus photo. Not a fuzzy, out of focus shot.)

  9. How did you found out about us. If you have been in contact with someone through iFilmGroup; who was it?

  10. What position are you applying for? Actor, crew (what position), or other.

  11. Do you have transportation to London and surrounding areas?

  12. When can you start volunteering with us?

Remember... be prepared with this data. We have too many applicants. Any applicant not supplying proper information will be dropped to a "lower" review status.

Any applicant under the age of 18 must get parent’s consent to apply.


Our e-Mail is found in the anti-spam image. Please note the address and type it into your sending e-Mail “To” section. Thank you.