Dr. Leah Skory, MD

Dr. Leah Skory, MD

Dr. Leah Skory, MD

Thank you to the Production Team for the wonderful opportunities you have given not only my daughter, Serena but also myself, as I found myself promoted from parent volunteer to sound production! I loved watching my daughter take on the challenge of learning her script and developing her character. Your organization provides an intergenerational experience that would be difficult to replicate in other activities. The film crew and “more mature” actors were very kind and inclusive as they interacted and mentored the teenagers and children. The community you have created ensures that everyone is made to feel welcome and an important part of the team.

From a parent's perspective, you allowed me to hang out with my teenage daughter for much of the summer where many fond memories have been forged. I watched her memorize a script, develop her character, meet strangers, develop friendships, adapt to last-minute changes, and maintain patience when filming was on hold to change a battery!

As a family physician, I have observed how many of today's youth are peer and technology focussed, often lacking social skills, especially when interacting with adults. Your community of all ages gives teenagers a sense of self-worth and an opportunity to engage with other age groups. In addition to social skills, the teenage actors improve their self-awareness, self-regulation, motivational tools, and ability to feel empathy: all aspects of developing emotional intelligence which is so important to become confident leaders of tomorrow.

With much gratitude for the work you do.

Dr. Leah Skory, MD



Lynn Simpson says...

I truly believe the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Some times that village is a community of people who share a common goal or passion. A vision towards an end goal to accomplish something that has a bigger widespread effect. A group that has experience in a particular area or skill.

People using that knowledge to mentor and raise the younger participants in not only the skills of the particular art form like film making and acting but also something more. Teaching life skills and lessons that will be with those young people for the rest of their lives. An opportunity to bridge generations and build relationships that will last for many years to come. That is what the iFilmGroup offers. What better legacy to leave in this world but to share your wonderful gifts helping others strive to reach their potential.

This is what my daughter Shelby has been a part of with this amazing group of people lead by Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall. They have given Shelby a chance to learn in a professional environment about acting and the art of film making in a friendly, caring environment that treats you like family from the first moment that they walk into your presence. Shelby has had the opportunity to be a part of a couple productions with this group and I look forward to many more as she advances in becoming a better actress through her experience with the group.

I am thankful for the local opportunities that iFilmGroup has given Shelby. The mission of the iFilmGroup for youth and seniors is so admirable. My heart is so full of gratitude for this opportunity for Shelby to be a part of this group of filmmakers.

Lynn Simpson


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Jessica Fediw says...

I have had the privilege of working with Matthew and the production team of iFilmGroup on 2 films. “Malicious Attack” and “Blue Love”. For “Malicious Attack” I played one of the school board members. For “Blue Love” I have played a role natural to me, a mom. In both films, Matthew and his crew have been very professional and down to earth. When I say this, I am speaking as a mother, aunt and actor as I have also worked alongside my stepdaughter and nieces in these films. The entire production team is so kind and ready to include the younger crowd and really makes them feel special and that they are an important part of the project, even if they (we) have the smallest of parts. The girls learned quite a bit while on set and it was heartwarming to watch them gain confidence just by being there and being a part of this amazing team.

Matthew’s panache and aptitude for producing real-life dramas are really inspiring. He really brings to light the struggles society is going through and is bringing awareness through his filmmaking with iFilmGroup.

I am more of a stage actor, so it was really enjoyable having had the opportunity to be on a film set and to get to master some of the techniques used as well as seeing all the work that goes on behind the scenes. There is more of a difference than one might think, between stage acting and film acting, and thanks to Matthew, I have now been able to experience both which have enhanced my skills considerably.

Whenever I am on an iFilmGroup film set, I always feel genuinely accepted. It is always fun, never dull. Everyone is so friendly and accepting of others. My family and I are very thankful for this magnificent opportunity. I look forward to working with Matthew and the iFilmGroup team again in the near future.

Jessica Fediw


Melissa Cowell says...

Mother of youth actor Kyra

Being a part of the productions lead by Corrinne, Matthew and the Production Team has been a wonderful experience. Working with the team has been very rewarding for both my daughter Kyra and me.  I had the honoured experience of acting alongside my daughter in "Malicious Attack". Where we played a mother and daughter of screen. It was a very special time.

Kyra was part of the cast for "Summer of Discovery" and I was on set and able to watch her grow as an actress from the sidelines. Performing her lines and gaining confidence in her role. I feel that within the experience of playing this role she grew as a young female on her journey in life of finding her way in the world

During productions the Production Team allows youth to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the filming environment while contributing to a greater purpose! We are so happy to have been a part of it all. I feel the messages that are being presented in the scripts are important for everyone to be aware of. They tell stories with messages that the world needs to listen to; on how to make a more loving and patient place to live for generations to come.

Thank you to the Production Team for creating this opportunity for community involvement. It truly takes a village!

Melissa Cowell

Mother of Kyra Ramos




Peter Wilson says...

When our son, Zachary, was “bit by the acting bug”, I had no idea how enjoyable this journey would be! As parents, we’re thankful that our young teenager is investing his time and energy into something creative, character building, and meaningful. Being surrounded by adults who model respect, passion for their art, and teamwork is an added bonus!

I had the pleasure of being on set for the filming of “Summer of Discovery.” The first thing that struck me was how quickly the cast, crew, and other parents became a creative community—procuring costumes, preparing meals, and even building props and sets. Yes … I constructed the outhouse for one of the best scenes in the film (in my humble opinion). As a general contractor, it was great to bring my skills to the table and work alongside my son in bringing this picture to life. Creating memories and sharing laughs!

Watching Zach connect with the other kids on set and developing new friendships was especially satisfying. We want our son surrounded by peers with positive outlooks and healthy interests, so exposing him to teenagers who share his passions is critical.

As in any human endeavour, there were challenging times on set, but this is important for young people to develop appropriate problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. I’m thankful to those in leadership on set, specifically Matthew and Corrinne, for walking through these times in a way that strengthened the team and taught the kids critical life lessons.

We hope to be involved in future productions as a family (it’s true … we all feel a part of things). For Zach particularly, involvement in acting and film making will increase his self-confidence and communication skills, preparing him for whatever path he chooses to travel in life. In a society where so many things are vying for the attention of our young people, we’re thankful as parents for this amazing film making team so close to home!

Peter Wilson