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My name is Hayley (Nesbitt) Humphries and I had the privilege of working with Matthew Marshall in 1999 on a film called “My Fault”. I played the secondary lead female role of Amber the best friend of the girl Chantel at the centre of the production. The subject of the film was the pressures teenagers may feel on their prom night. The cast was predominantly made of teenagers and young adults. The film was shown at various high schools in the area and on Rogers Television. “My Fault” was effective in educating teens about the consequences of their actions while at Parties and other teenage events that may have binge drinking and drug abuse.

Matthew is a talented director who is professional in all aspects of the production. Matt helped to familiarize me with the industry language and understanding the technical equipment. He encouraged me as an actress to research my character and understand the different relationships with other characters. Ideas and suggestions from the cast were welcomed from Matt and helped to develop the creative process as a team.

From an acting point of view beyond this production, I had leading roles in several theatre productions in London and area as well as St. Catharines. I was also in a couple of TV/film productions including YTV’s “If Only These Walls Could Talk: and an extra in Walt Disney’s production “Mr. Headmistress” filmed partiality in St Thomas.

Although my current career did not directly lead me into the film industry, the skills I learned while working with Matthew have helped me to advance. I am the senior Animal Care Supervisor at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. I have had the opportunity to work with several television shows such as “Now You Know” and “Odd Squad” produced by Sinking Ship Productions and YTV’s “The Zone” as well as at different onsite locations. My understanding of how a production is made, industry language and public relations has made me valuable to my company. As an animal trainer and presenter, I engage in public speaking and international zoological relationships.

Hayley (Nesbitt) Humphries