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 iFilmGroup members got lead roles in Student film

Two iFilmGroup members got lead roles in an indie student film being made recently by Fanshawe College Student Timothy Richards.  The casting came from a post the iFilmGroup had put up on iFilmGroup Facebook page back March 24th, 2019.  Richards was directing the film and was in search of some cast to fill some roles for his film “Werk It Out”. The film is about a high-school student who searches for the confidence to express another side of himself despite being bullied.

Jacob Gagen and Max Steinberg at Westminister High School.

Jacob Gagen and Max Steinberg at Westminister High School.

Both Max Steinberg and Jacob Gagen contacted the student making the film about trying out for the roles. These two young men have worked together at iFilmGroup workshops and know each other. What they didn’t know was that each of them had auditioned for roles. When they showed up at the script to read, they found out the other had been cast.

 Steinberg has worked with the iFilmGroup team on several projects including “Malicious Attack”, “Summer of Discovery” and “Blue Love”. Gagen has been a part of the film “Blue Love”. They both have attended iFilmGroup acting workshops and in fact, worked together most recently on the “Drama Therapy” workshop as well as the iFilmGroup Promo day where an iFilmGroup promo video was made.  Both are auditioning to be part of iFilmGroup’s newest production filming this summer “Not Ready”.

Cast & Crew of “Werk It Out”. Westminister High School, London, Ontario.

Cast & Crew of “Werk It Out”. Westminister High School, London, Ontario.


For “Werk It Out”  the pair played bullies. Gagen plays the role “Max” a bully whose character is described as high school student-athlete. Max picks on a boy name Kelsey who entered a drag queen competition. Steinberg plays Max’s friend (Randy) who ends up standing up to Max and siding with Kelsey. Both Gagen and Steinberg both had a great time and the opportunity was created out of the post on iFilmGroup’s Facebook page.


“We work with local actors and mentor them but the ultimate goal is to have them go out and further their careers”, says iFilmGroup Community Engagement Manager- Don Hickey.  “These are the opportunities we hope for and why we post the casting call’s on the Facebook Group”, adds iFilmGroup’s co-founder Matthew Marshall.
Both actors appreciated the sharing of the casting call which opened the doors for the opportunity to audition.

Filming took place on April 6th, however, there is no release date yet for the film. The iFilmGroup team is sure to share the link when it is provided. People are advised to check the iFilmGroup website for any further updates.

iFilmGroup Press Release- Two Members-Roles-Fanshawe College- “Werk It Out”- 04-06-19