Matthew Marshall- director

Matthew Marshall- director

Matthew Marshall, award-winning director and iFilmGroup co-founder will be the special guest at the Elgin Theatre Guild's "summer tweens workshop". The theme of the workshop is “Theatre verse Film (TV). Marshall will be speaking on his experience for over 30 years in the film industry. Highlighting some of the differences between film and theatre. The workshop will be led by Elgin Theatre Guild President Lesley Chapman, who also is an iFilmGroup member. Chapman is known for directing the Pantomimes at the ETG over the last few years that have been shown too sold-out audiences for the entire run.

Chapman will lead the "tweens workshop" during the week of Monday, July 30th to Friday, Aug 3rd at the Elgin Theatre Guild. She will explore the difference between theatre acting and film acting with the youth, with the week wrapping up with a special presentation by those that attended. A number of the tweens attending also are part of the iFilmGroup so they have a jump start at seeing the differences between theatre and film.

Chapman and Marshall have worked on a couple of productions together in recent years. This is the start of Marshall and Chapman partnering together on some workshops where the iFilmGroup and the Elgin Theatre Guild will work together to highlight and promote the arts in the St. Thomas area. “Acting and the arts are very important and we have a large group of youth, teens and young adults who are interested in having opportunities to show their talent,” says Marshall. Promoting talent and mentoring is very important to the iFilmGroup team. They are looking at a number of programs and initiatives in the coming year to partner with theatre groups and schools to mentor any youth and right up to young adults in college and university and beyond, in the process of film making.