Sara Froese's Accolade

Sara Froese: artist/printmaker

Artist/Printmaker says... I had the pleasure of meeting Don in 2013 when he was moving on from his printing business to pursue more time with his endeavours in the film industry.

Having studied printmaking briefly in a Fine Arts program in London, Ontario, I had long dreamt of having my own studio and printing equipment to create my work. My meeting with Don was the answer.

I now own and operate a small printing shop out of industrial Hamilton, Ontario, using the majority of Don's former equipment. I print custom work for a broad clientele, as well as creating my own personal print work. I've taught workshops in London and Hamilton, sharing my knowledge of relief printing and bookbinding with the local community, and have taken part in organizing a yearly event showcasing local artists' talent.


I have received recognition in the Globe & Mail, The Hamilton Spectator, as well as being featured on Hamilton CHCH TV.

Sara at All Sorts Printing

Sara at All Sorts Printing

I would definitely not be where I am today without Don's incredible generosity, support and encouragement along the way, for which I'm immeasurably thankful.
Sara Froese

Sina Kazemian says...

Sina Kazemian

I had the pleasure of meeting Don in the winter of 2013 when I came to London Ontario for Ph.D. studies in theoretical physics.

I would characterize Don as a nice and polite person with the ability to question everything around him. Having met him we engaged in all sorts of conversation regarding physics, philosophy and sociology. Don's eagerness to learn and study new things and to convey them with different people resulted in a profound friendship between him and me. During our conversations, I learned many things and came to think about many new aspects of science and philosophy that I had never had thought about before.

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Now, I am working at Western University as a researcher. Without a doubt, Don’s friendship has left a positive impact on me over the years.

Sina Kazemian


Seyyed M. Hesabgar says...

Seyyed M. Hesabgar

I first met Don Hickey in 2007 when I came to London, Ontario to pursue a Master's degree in Biomedical field at Western University and my friendship with him continued throughout my Ph.D. studies and afterward. Don has always been like a great mentor for me. His life-lessons and knowledge which is mixed with sarcasm oftentimes, have always inspired me to have a positive outlook and try to look at things from different perspectives.

Don is a lifelong learner which means that he always tries to learn not only through his research but also through sharing knowledge and interacting with others. He is among a few people who I know that have the courage and ability to positively interact with almost any type of people and learn from them.

Over the past 10 years, I have seen that he has made friends with all sorts of people from different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. He has also been able to improve and expand his art business significantly in the past few years.

Now, I am working at Western University as a researcher in the Bio-medical field. Without a doubt, Don’s friendship and mannerisms have left a great positive impact on me over the years.

Seyyed M. Hesabgar

Researcher in Bio-medical field (UWO)