Hazel Parsons [© Photos by Phyllis]

Hazel Parsons [© Photos by Phyllis]

Hazel Parsons says…

“Once again, I would like to thank iFilmGroup especially for the wonderful experience they have allowed me to share. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have not done any film until Matt gave me a chance with “Not Ready”. I was inexperienced in film work, and although some skills can be transferred over, certainly many aspects are different. I have been told that stage work is all about grand gestures and voice projection, film is more subtle, using the eyes, facial expression and smaller movements more. I think, from my small amount of experience in this production, that was certainly a correct statement.

Matt and Don seem to be able to zone in on strengths or weaknesses a performer may have, and help to grow on that. This is great for any age of actor: ie; the older ones concerned about the prejudices of ageism as portrayed in cinema, as well as younger actors not yet solidly aware of how to exude their confidence in such a field of work.

It has been a real honour and pleasure to have worked with you over the past few months. Your professionalism really shines, especially when dealing with so many people of varying ages, and the thoroughness with which you undertake so many aspects of the film.

This whole experience has reminded me of some reading I did many years ago, and a particular passage that I often refer to. It is by Dr. Ralph Greenson (1974), and he speaks of how “it takes courage, honesty and modesty to grow old with joy and dignity”, and “to be able to have a sense of fun gives one a quality of youthfulness, no matter what age”. He further refers to how important it is to nurture a certain playfulness, and that man is the only animal who continues to enjoy that sense of play in adult life. Doing so will help to minimize or at least survive crises of adult life. What great therapy that is!”

iFilmGroup has given me an opportunity to do just that. I look forward to working with them again in the future as the occasion presents itself.
— Hazel Parsons

Photos by Phyllis

iFilmGroup - Hazel Parsons - Testimonial - 09-07-19

Sharon Marshall

Sharon Marshall

Sharon Marshall says...

I am a partner with my son, Matthew Marshall. We own m & s Marshall Productions. I have been the Executor Producer on all the m & s Marshall Production movies over the years since we began.

When we do productions, our cast and crew are usually made up of youth and young adults. This gives them an opportunity to act and supplies us with new fresh talent.

I have worked with youth and young adults for most of my adult life. As a young woman, I lead and taught 4-H to youth. Teaching them about nutrition, sewing and dressmaking, cooking, baking, gardening, preserving vegetables, and decorating. Later I taught Sunday School and lead a Youth Group within the church and community.

During my seventeen years as a law assistant, I taught co-op students from the various high schools, how to answer phones, how to work in an office, and then how to attend Court and help the lawyers. My experience is quite broad.

Since 1999 I have also taken on the mature role as a mentor to many of the cast members. I have held a frightened teenage girl during an electrical storm; stood with and prompted a new actor who could never make her cues on time; to name a few issues.

Sometimes it is a matter of listening to their issues or making sure they get some nourishment after a particularly difficult scene.

It means a lot to each and every actor/actress when you are there to give them a high five, a pat on the back or a word of praise. All of these things are so easy to do and means so much to them.

The reward is seeing how far they have come during the process, watching them come into their own and master the task. And what is exciting is to watch as they walk on to a stage to accept a reward for their work.

Sharon Marshall


Mary Ellen Herder

Mary Ellen Herder

Mary Ellen Herder says...

I have had the pleasure to work with Matthew Marshall on the set of "Malicious Attack" as a performer. Matthew distinguishes himself with exceptionally well-researched and well-written characters and narratives. The storylines are pure which not only helps our youth but provides a solid conversation as it addresses some of the challenges our youth experience. This is an asset for our youth not only in performance but also in their growth.

I have been involved in the film/theatre/audio theatre industry for over 25 years as an actor, teacher and drama coach. I am the owner and operator of "Take A Bow Productions", a youth-based drama company, located in Chatham, Ontario. Our mandate is to provide and encourage professional educational opportunities using methods of active learning and performance for youth.

Being a part of this production was inspirational as I had the opportunity to observe and experience the positive strengths Matthew shares. His passion to provide our youth acting skills and opportunities are immeasurable. Matthew is very approachable and truly caring as he takes the time to explain his vision with every cast and crew member. Matthew truly is a mentor for our youth.

Mary Ellen Herder


Tim Harvey Senior photographer

Tim Harvey Senior photographer

Tim Harvey says...

“I own and run a photography company called White Pine Photography and have worked with the iFilmGroup Production Teams on a number of films as the still photographer. Through my time as a photographer and taking pictures I have been a part of many events and seen many groups. This group stands out in their nature and their professionalism and how they treat people. One of the things that stands out during my time on set is how they are willing to bring anyone of any skill level on board to be part of their productions as long as that person is willing to learn and follow the rules and structures that iFilmGroup layout within their program.

The mentoring, teaching and learning that those coming on board to a project receive is second to none as those with greater knowledge on the team bring what they know to set to share with others. I had an opportunity during one production to put my still camera down and work with the team as a camera operator on that film. The team valued my years of experience and was open to my perspective of how I saw things through the lens. I have also had times while on set where I have visually noticed things on set and been able through speaking with the director to speak to members of the camera team to share knowledge of framing with them from my keen photography eye to help make shots better.

These opportunities only came along because of the time spent on set and the trust in my skills that I have built up with the Production Team. The building of personal connections and relationships opens the doors for more opportunities within this team. I love how the team builds relationships between people across generations. They put a high priority on making connections and building networks between people from different generations of skills and talents as each person transitions through the many stages of their life journey.

I have gained some work doing head-shots through White Pine Photography because of the connections and relationships formed working as the photographer with the team.

It is the team’s openness to building with each member that allows anyone that is involved to not only learn about film making but also to learn and develop life skills that enrich people’s lives. This multi-generational group comes together to change lives and make high-quality impactful films that in turn will go out into the world and changes lives. Most recently I have been able to work with this great team as a recording engineer with my other company Sparta Sound. I can't thank Matt and the team enough for this additional great opportunity.”


Tim Harvey White Pine Photography: whitepinephotography.ca Sparta Sound: spartasound.ca

Tom Jeffery

Tom Jeffery

Tom Jeffery says...

Working with the cast and director on the production of “Meaning of Christmas”: was one I will never forget. For me, it was a learning and meaningful experience. Working with a cast of two different generations showed me that in real life sometimes we feel we have barriers between ages and this production helped me to realize that is not the case and how we really need in life to step back and respect all people where age nor social status do not matter. It is my hope that this production was also meaningful for the cast and audiences who experienced the story of the meaning of Christmas.

Tom Jeffery



Ruth Ann Drozd says...

I have enjoyed working with Matthew Marshall over the years when we have been involved in volunteer work, primarily church-related, and some with multi-cultural children and youth. Matthew has always shown great ability, strength and caring for youth work and encouraging young people in preparing for their life’s journey.

Matthew, in my opinion, is a very gifted and talented person in his ability to mentor and “teach by example”. He excels as a director, producer and writer of plays and films, primarily aimed at overcoming life’s challenges and how we learn from them. He encourages young folk to rise above problems and learn to cope with issues such as bullying, difficulty in accepting authority, and matters relating to family and other personal relationships.

Since young people participate in these productions and casting of many of his films, I see this as an opportunity for youth, teens and young people to be mentored while gaining experience, having opportunities to be a part of the films, learn the industry, having fun working on the productions, and in doing so gaining experience and credits. Further to this, there are many lessons learned from the plots and stories on subjects relating to the challenges of life.

All these factors I would say are of great advantage to the youth involved with this team. It offers an excellent opportunity for multi-generational interaction between youth and elder mentors on the team. I have on occasion had the opportunity to interact with the youth on productions and have gained great joy and insight into their goals, dreams and ambitions.

I have also had the pleasure of helping in the promotion and presentation of productions for showings, but also in searching and finding locations for filming of scenes for the films. Using my 48+ years of experience as a London Realtor to find venues and locations for the films this team is working on.

To Matt and the team, I say “you are doing a great job.”

Ruth Ann Drozd
Broker, Royal Le Page Triland Realty, London Ontario





Lesley Chapman says...

Elgin Theatre Guild
St Thomas, Ontario

It takes special kind of people to work with teens and it takes special kind of people to broach a subject like bullying, a sometimes taboo subject. Matthew Marshall and his team took on this challenge and managed to give the impact it needed.

I worked with Matthew and his team during the filming of “Malicious Attack” and as a Director myself, I was very impressed with the sensitivity that was shown to the teenagers involved. During filming, they were encouraged to express verbally to the team how they felt about a particular scene. To consider how they would feel if they were in this situation or how DID they feel if they HAD been in this situation. The kids working on “Malicious Attack” were able to get a sense of the enormity of the subject.

Working with our younger, sometimes vulnerable community in this way can only bring awareness and a sense of empathy to any sensitive subject. Teenagers especially need a sense of direction, of purpose and understanding, by creating film involving them can only enhance their sense of belonging. To let them know their voices are heard and listened to by their Peers and the Adult Community, who can sometimes lose sight of the trials the younger generation face in this fast-paced, sometimes egotistical society we have created. A pause, a step back, a visual as in teenagers telling their story can make us as Adults take on a new perspective of these problems.

Matthew gains respect in his attitude, his listening skills, his sense of humour and his writing. It was my pleasure to work with Matthew and watch him in action. I wish him great success and hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.

Lesley Chapman


Kurt Freeman

Kurt Freeman

Kurt Freeman says...

I'm a senior of 67. Don Hickey approached me while he was at the Covent Market in London. Don has known me for 20 years and he knew that I had worked in the broadcasting business. He asked me if I would like to work with youth creating award-winning movies with seniors. I almost dropped my cane and fell into the huge fruit and vegetable stand.

I was an extra in the movie "Summer of Discovery". It was great interacting with the young actors and crew. I had some great conversations with them between takes. The young actors would gravitate towards me and treat me like a grandparent. I liked listening to their stories and they liked having an ear to talk to. They had some great stories too. I hope there are more roles for older actors as I look forward to more interactions with the younger ones.

I was really impressed with the skills of the director; Corrinne Wood and the other crew members. They had young people doing the hands-on stuff... like, lights, sound, camera. I took notice of a couple of young actors doing their part right on cue and with remarkable acting skills. I think a few of these kids are really going to advance themselves in the movie industry and I got to watch them from their early start in the business.

Made me feel young again... when can I do it again?!

Thanks Don for approaching me.

Kurt Freeman




Robert McMullen says...

I was a movie extra in Northern B.C. in 3 films*. I moved to Ontario in 2012. I met Don Hickey in 2013 and we shared some of our experiences about acting. In 2017 Don invited me to be an extra in "Malicious Attack". This movie had a lot of young people on the set. I was really impressed with the kindness and professionalism of the young people. They carried themselves very well. I was impressed with Matthew as a director. He would always respond pleasantly. Even the kids helped as crew.

This group really impressed me. They had all the right ingredients.

Robert McMullen

*Three films ROBERT MCMULLEN was in:



"Reindeer Games"
with Ben Affleck, Gary Sinise and Charlize Theron.



with Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane and Jason Lee.



"Double Jeopardy"
with  Tommy Lee Jones,  Ashley Judd and Bruce Greenwood