Shelby Simpson Showcase

Shelby Simpson of iFilmGroup

Shelby Simpson of iFilmGroup

There is a proverb that says the size of things doesn't always indicate their quality, and small things often have better quality than big ones. So when they say “good things come in small packages” they could be talking about iFilmGroup member Shelby Simpson. When you first meet Shelby at her four feet seven-inch size with her big beautiful smile and her somewhat shy nature you might be fooled a bit. By the way, don’t bring up her size with Shelby it’s a bit of a tender subject. So is the life of a small kid. But hey she’s young and she’s growing!

Shelby’s small package has a lot of bang once you get to know her. Her determination and drive to succeed at what she puts her mind to be makes her so much bigger then the package she is. Shelby is an artist in the true form of it. She can’t be pigeon-holed into what her true talent is. She has many. First and for most, in the year 2018 Shelby is an up and coming actress that no doubt someday soon will steal the hearts of leading men in the productions she will be a part of.

Shelby has also been dancing since she was six. And that is where the story really starts as she has been bringing in the awards ever since. “It was clear during her first recital that she was well-received on stage, and was invited to move to the competitive division”, says Shelby’s mom Lynn. Shelby has studied all genres of dance and although she cannot pick a favourite she loves ballet and acro. Having tried a few studios, it was at the studio Move With Grace in 2017 that her love of ballet and performing flourished. While Shelby has taken 2018 off from competing to work on acting skills and vocal performances, she has been attending a non-competitive local studio to maintain skill while she decides about competing again.

She has been described as a little powerhouse! Shelby also takes circus arts and was accepted into the National Circus School in Montreal, in the summer of 2017 for a week-long intensive training program. She continues to study in circus arts this year at Artistic Movement where she studies contortion, aerial hoops and acrobatics. Shelby has been known when on a film set to give a demonstration of how she can twist her body into positions that most people can’t. Matthew Marshall of iFilmGroup happened to be on set recent when Shelby showed how she could twist herself up. “All I have to say is I would be on a month bed rest and probably would never be straighten out again if I tried what she did”, Says Marshall.

Dance has been a strong bond between Shelby and her older sister Sheridan. One weekend earlier in the year Sheridan came home from University with two dance routines she had choreographed and wanted to enter Shelby in a competition so she didn’t lose her competitive edge. The family chose Dance Canada, the owner Jamie Kovarik agreed to them entering as an independent. Winter weather and the demands of an intensive Nursing program for Sheridan limited the home practise sessions more than the family expected but it was back to practice at the end of April and back on the stage May 19th at Centre in the Square, Kitchener. Shelby did not disappoint, up against several competitive studios - her Jazz solo received a High Gold marking score (90-92.99 ) and her open routine receiving a Gold (88 – 89.98 ). Having one of the judges say that she had SO much potential made her feel like the experience was a good decision. Will she decide to jump back into competition? Stay tuned for more on that – follow Shelby on Instagram shelby_star_chaser

Now if you recall earlier Shelby was taking a year off of dance to focus on acting? That has been going pretty good for her as well. Back in March 2018 Shelby and her mom responded to a call for extra’s and people to be a part of some filming that iFilmGroup was doing. Fast-forward to now and Shelby has already been associated with an iFilmGroup project and has been part of one of the days of filming for Matthew Marshall’s Blue Love film. And according to Marshall “we have more in store for Miss Shelby”. Marshall will not elaborate on what that means but he says it with a grin and does admit that his plans are known to Shelby and her family. But past that, the world will have to wait for a future filming date for Blue Love. “I think Shelby will be with us at iFilmGroup for a few years. She certainly has a lot of talent in a lot of areas of the arts,” Marshall says. He goes on to talk about how in the entertainment industry they talk about a triple threat being someone who can act, sing and dance. Shelby can sing, dance, play the piano, perform circus acrobat routines, and twist up like a human pretzel…… maybe even some talents that have not been discovered yet. “All I can say is this is one small package that everyone better watch out for. Even the mighty oak tree started as a small acorn. But once it starts growing there is no stopping it“, says Marshall. He feels the same way about Shelby Simpson. Look out for more updates as she continues on her acting journey with iFilmGroup.