Kyle White

Kyle White says...


I first met Matthew Marshall in St. Thomas, Ontario, when I was in my second semester of my grade 12 year of high school. I was preparing to start my three year Film Broadcasting program at Mohawk College in the fall. We got to talking about making films. He said he had some projects that were looking for crew and was willing to bring me on board for some of his projects as well as mention my name to some other people that were making films. I jumped at the opportunity.

I worked with the Production Team on the short film "Tuned In" as the principle cinematographer working directly with the Director of Photography. The film was a great opportunity to gain experience and I met some new people whom I connected with and have worked on various other projects because of meeting them.

The next opportunity came working with the Production Team on the short film about depression, "Struggles Within" directed by Corrinne Wood which was told through dance. I was one of several camera operators on the project which was filmed with multiple cameras to catch the various angles of the complex dance routines that make up the film. In the spirit of this team I made new friends and had a blast bring the project to life.

The third opportunity with the production team was working as one of the cinematographers filming the short film "Malicious Attack" about bullying. Again another wonderful experience where we have lots of fun and met even more people which I continue to be friends with and have networked with.

All three films have given me the opportunity to work with talented people on set and to add to what I have gained from the film Broadcast program at Mohawk College. This along with my experience on other projects I have worked on has made me the person I am today and set me on the path to a career within the media, TV and film industry.

All the learning and training from working with the Production Team, my schooling and other projects and jobs that I have worked on, has set me on my path to developing the trained "camera eye" that I have now. It has earned me the honour of receiving the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Outstanding Media Award.


All that experience has opened doors as I branch out into my career path in media and film. I run my own photography company of "Whiteflash Photography" as well as I have had the privilege to work camera on multiple live sporting broadcast and to have worked on set of several TV shows filmed in Toronto including; "12 Monkeys" on Syfy Network, "The Detail" on Global Network, and "The Beaverton".

I thank the Production Team for giving me an opportunity to get a start and to be a part of these films on my journey within the media industry. They were a spring board into bigger projects that I have moved onto.

Kyle White


 Ali Gokey

Ali Gokey

Ali Gokey says...

Creating with Don, Matthew and Corrine has been a pleasure as well as a very rewarding experience. I find that everyday on set is fun and exciting. I'm always learning new things and I'm never afraid to ask questions as they are quick to answer all the questions I have. They are always giving of their knowledge and strive to bring out the best in everyone on set. I feel truly appreciated and welcome working with them. And in the end we get to make a movie... how awesome is that!

Ali Gokey


   Aaron Kramers

Aaron Kramers

Aaron says...

I had the great opportunity of working with this fabulous Production Team on three productions as a cameraman. The films included “Malicious Attack”, “Summer of Discovery” and “Blue Love”

It gave me an opportunity to see different styles and ways of how people approach and make movies. This on set experience added extra depth to the knowledge I have gained from attending the “Film Studies” program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario.

Since first working with the team I have had the opportunity to branch out and make my own film “Chester”, which I wrote and directed. The film is about a therapy session with a man who reveals that he may have the abnormal ability of causing a traumatic event. The film made it to the top ten at the “Western Smartphone Film Festival”. “Chester” my film, included an actor whom I met through the Production Team of iFilmGroup. This is just one example of how working with them has helped me to make connections with other people in the area who are making films.

I am working towards returning to Fanshawe to further my studies in the art of film making. Thanks to the team for being a step in me reaching my potential as a filmmaker and thanks to the entire Production Team for one of the best experience that I have ever had!

I look forward to more opportunities with this group and I strongly encourage anyone interested in learning more about film and getting hands on experience in film making to connect with the iFilmGroup.

Aaron Kramers


photo of Reza Khazaee
photo of Reza Khazaee

My first experience on a real movie set as a photographer was, working with doing still-photography for a movie short called- “Struggles Within”. Working with Matthew and Don have helped me to achieved great experience; I made new friends, learned different photography techniques and had the opportunity to bring and exchange ideas into “behind the scene” shots.

I never worked with a group of professionals who were so open to every new idea. It built confidence in me, and I am sure it did the same with all the young people who took part in this project.

I thank Matthew and Don for giving me an opportunity to participate in making this film, and I am looking forward to working with in the near future.

Reza Khazaee


pic of actor Amy Lynn Curtis with
pic of actor Amy Lynn Curtis with

Amy Lynn Curtis says...

I believe I was very lucky to stumble upon this group of talented people with a passion for film. As someone who when I first started with this group was just breaking into the filming industry. It was a lucky break. I had no previous schooling or experience in the industry. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them. I have had the wonderful experience to work on three productions with them.

For the short film “Malicious Attack” I was part of cast and crew. On the acting front I was a “student” in the film’s High School. When not part of acting in any scene I was one of the boom microphone operators.

The second opportunity was for the feature film “Summer of Discovery”. I was part of the crew as a Production Assistant.

The third opportunity was working on Matthew Marshall’s hour long drama "Blue Love". I worked as one of the sound recordist on the film.

It’s been very eye opening experience, getting to work on the set and getting the actual hands on experience. They provide you with the chance to try new things and are patient with people they know are just starting out, willing to accept mistakes as they happen and teach you how to fix them.

I especially like how on set, you get to see how everyone works together; it’s not just actors acting, it’s not just light people doing light work, it’s not just sound people doing sound. People’s opinions from all jobs are valuable and sometimes taken into consideration. Director has final say of course, but the fact that everyone works together to put the director’s vision together was a really cool discovery. I think it makes everyone feel appreciated.

After all the experience I have had with this group I have decided to pursue further education in the field of acting. In the fall of 2018 my journey begins in the Fanshawe Theatre Arts program.

Overall, I think this type of experience is much better than something school could offer, especially for someone who wants to try it out and see if it’s for them, rather than wasting money going to film school and realizing it’s not for them. I’d definitely encourage more people to seek this group out if they’re thinking of giving the film industry a try!

Amy Lynn Curtis



James Laframboise says...


I'm a student at St. Clair College taking Police Foundations. I have a friend; Charles Peterson, also in Police Foundations with me. He's been working as security on movie sets for a few years. I joined volunteering for the film productions with him. I can honestly say looking back now, that I'm glad I decided to leap right in and become a volunteer.

Being a college student at the time, it has helped to expand my horizons, as this new opportunity introduced me to a world I had no knowledge in. I gained a deep understanding of the film industry while on the set. My training in police foundations was used to "observe" lots of detail of each person and their function. I would quietly watch and learn, and between takes ask key people for more information of their duties. I realized that I was using my college education in the policing field to "investigate" the film set. I was very interested in learning more.

Working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds has helped me grow and learn about myself in ways that would have taken years to do away from the film industry. In policing we are trained to observe, takes note in detail and to digest this data. Once again, I realized I was using my education to advance my knowledge. The movie set allows a person to ascertain different persons from various ethnic backgrounds, ages and mind sets. On set I've been able to learn and experience first hand things related to my field of study. Studying police foundations and being able to work on movie sets in security has honed my skills.

The people on the set are wonderful. As often as I could, I would ask the directors or assistants for more detail and functions of positions or equipment. Matthew Marshall ( I like his last name, since I'm studying policing.) a director, took me aside and demonstrated the use of sound recording equipment.  Boy, was my ears opened!

I have advanced from security to the sound department. I handle and maintain the equipment and also operate the equipment during the filming process. I want to continue learning and exploring the wonders of film making and to continue working with these wonderful people I've come to know. Most are like family to me.

I'm really grateful for the opportunity that has allowed me to leap from one trade into another seamlessly.

Thanks everyone!

James A. Laframboise