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Jessica Fediw says...

I have had the privilege of working with Matthew and the production team of iFilmGroup on 2 films. “Malicious Attack” and “Blue Love”. For “Malicious Attack” I played one of the school board members. For “Blue Love” I have played a role natural to me, a mom. In both films, Matthew and his crew have been very professional and down to earth. When I say this, I am speaking as a mother, aunt and actor as I have also worked alongside my stepdaughter and nieces in these films. The entire production team is so kind and ready to include the younger crowd and really makes them feel special and that they are an important part of the project, even if they (we) have the smallest of parts. The girls learned quite a bit while on set and it was heartwarming to watch them gain confidence just by being there and being a part of this amazing team.

Matthew’s panache and aptitude for producing real-life dramas are really inspiring. He really brings to light the struggles society is going through and is bringing awareness through his filmmaking with iFilmGroup.

I am more of a stage actor, so it was really enjoyable having had the opportunity to be on a film set and to get to master some of the techniques used as well as seeing all the work that goes on behind the scenes. There is more of a difference than one might think, between stage acting and film acting, and thanks to Matthew, I have now been able to experience both which have enhanced my skills considerably.

Whenever I am on an iFilmGroup film set, I always feel genuinely accepted. It is always fun, never dull. Everyone is so friendly and accepting of others. My family and I are very thankful for this magnificent opportunity. I look forward to working with Matthew and the iFilmGroup team again in the near future.

Jessica Fediw