Lynn Simpson says...

I truly believe the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Some times that village is a community of people who share a common goal or passion. A vision towards an end goal to accomplish something that has a bigger widespread effect. A group that has experience in a particular area or skill.

People using that knowledge to mentor and raise the younger participants in not only the skills of the particular art form like film making and acting but also something more. Teaching life skills and lessons that will be with those young people for the rest of their lives. An opportunity to bridge generations and build relationships that will last for many years to come. That is what the iFilmGroup offers. What better legacy to leave in this world but to share your wonderful gifts helping others strive to reach their potential.

This is what my daughter Shelby has been a part of with this amazing group of people lead by Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall. They have given Shelby a chance to learn in a professional environment about acting and the art of film making in a friendly, caring environment that treats you like family from the first moment that they walk into your presence. Shelby has had the opportunity to be a part of a couple productions with this group and I look forward to many more as she advances in becoming a better actress through her experience with the group.

I am thankful for the local opportunities that iFilmGroup has given Shelby. The mission of the iFilmGroup for youth and seniors is so admirable. My heart is so full of gratitude for this opportunity for Shelby to be a part of this group of filmmakers.

Lynn Simpson