Peter Wilson says...

When our son, Zachary, was “bit by the acting bug”, I had no idea how enjoyable this journey would be! As parents, we’re thankful that our young teenager is investing his time and energy into something creative, character building, and meaningful. Being surrounded by adults who model respect, passion for their art, and teamwork is an added bonus!

I had the pleasure of being on set for the filming of “Summer of Discovery.” The first thing that struck me was how quickly the cast, crew, and other parents became a creative community—procuring costumes, preparing meals, and even building props and sets. Yes … I constructed the outhouse for one of the best scenes in the film (in my humble opinion). As a general contractor, it was great to bring my skills to the table and work alongside my son in bringing this picture to life. Creating memories and sharing laughs!

Watching Zach connect with the other kids on set and developing new friendships was especially satisfying. We want our son surrounded by peers with positive outlooks and healthy interests, so exposing him to teenagers who share his passions is critical.

As in any human endeavour, there were challenging times on set, but this is important for young people to develop appropriate problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. I’m thankful to those in leadership on set, specifically Matthew and Corrinne, for walking through these times in a way that strengthened the team and taught the kids critical life lessons.

We hope to be involved in future productions as a family (it’s true … we all feel a part of things). For Zach particularly, involvement in acting and film making will increase his self-confidence and communication skills, preparing him for whatever path he chooses to travel in life. In a society where so many things are vying for the attention of our young people, we’re thankful as parents for this amazing film making team so close to home!

Peter Wilson