Seyyed M. Hesabgar says...

Seyyed M. Hesabgar

I first met Don Hickey in 2007 when I came to London, Ontario to pursue a Master degree in Biomedical field at Western University and my friendship with him continued throughout my PhD studies and afterward. Don has always been like a great mentor for me. His life-lessons and knowledge which is mixed with sarcasm oftentimes, have always inspired me to have a positive outlook and try to look at things from different perspectives.

Don is a lifelong learner which means that he always tries to learn not only through his own research but also through sharing knowledge and interacting with others. He is among a few people who I know that have the courage and ability to positively interact with almost any type of people and learn from them.

Over the past 10 years, I have seen that he has made friendship with all sort of people from different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. He has also been able to improve and expand his art business significantly in the past few years.

Now, I am working at Western University as a researcher in Bio-medical field. Without a doubt, Don’s friendship and mannerism have left a great positive impact on me over the years.

Seyyed M. Hesabgar

Researcher in Bio-medical field (UWO)