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Accredited Mentoring Student

Meet one student that has gone through iFilmGroup’s Accredited Mentoring Program


Student and actress Anna Victoria performed her hours for “mentor week” with iFilmGroup under the supervision of award winning director and iFilmGroup co-founder Matthew Marshall.  The mentoring week program is run through Anna Victoria’s High School Ecole Georges-P.- Vanier in Hamilton.

Students find an area of interest within the community that they would like to learn more about.  Marshall originally took Anna Victoria under the umbrella of his company m & s Marshall Productions for the mentor program. But it made more sense that it was a better fit for the iFilmGroup program.  So Marshall continued as supervisor with m & s Marshall Productions and iFilmGroup working in partnership for the standard mentor position.

“The idea of an accredited mentorship is something that iFilmGroup has been developing for some time” says Marshall. The entire iFilmGroup program is all about mentoring and passing along knowledge and information dealing with film making.

iFilmGroup is a inter-generational film program with Youth and Seniors making award winning films. The group was created by Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall with a vision to network the different generations of skills and talents in making films as youth & seniors transition through their journey of life. This multi-generational film making group focuses on relationship building and mentoring. Striving to develop life skills in each participant that enriches everyone involved regardless of age. iFilmGroup’s mission is to have fun while learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations. Victoria is an example of the mission being lived out. “Being a part of iFilmGroup's community has changed my life. I have forged great friendships, made wonderful memories, progressed immensely in my career and gained valuable insight into the film industry”, says Victoria of her time with the group.

A lot of the evaluation that Marshall had to grade Anna Victoria on dealt with that same core values that iFilmGroup is looking to instill in those who are part of their film program. Marshall had to grade her on areas of communication, problem solving, working in a safe environment, taking responsibility for our actions, positive attitude and behaviour. How she treats and interacts with others.  All of this happened within a working environment of working on independent film sets, making films and filming projects. Anna participated in being a part of several films as well as the iFilmGroup promotional video.  “I never thought I’d be able to do an accredited mentorship in the filming industry, but I did”, says Victoria.

Anna scored in the 90% for her evaluation. “She is a very talented actress and uses her training and experience she has learned to bring together a better acting performance. Anna brought her pleasant smile, positive attitude and friendly nature each and every day of the mentorship to the set”, says Marshall of his student.  Marshall went on to say “Anna is a pleasure to have working with me on my set. She is a talented actress with an outstanding grasp of performing and character. She also has a vast understanding of film and the film business.

Anna Victoria brought her experience of working on various size sets in the film industry.  She has been a background 'student' on the TV show “The Good Witch" starring Catherine Bell. Victoria also play the role of a Turkish protester on an episode of “Designated Survivor” starring award winning Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland [Disney-ABC Domestic Television].   On the smaller screen Anna has also played the lead, Teresa, in “Lost and Found” a short film about a young nun who is put in a tough a predicament of choosing between the convent and her dreams. Anna feels that her start with iFilmGroup has helped prepare her for bigger sets. “Working on the iFilmGroup sets has taught me “set etiquette” which has helped me feel comfortable on other sets like the ones of “Designated Survivor” and “The Good Witch”.

Anna has worked with Marshall for the last few years and has been part of a couple of his films including “Malicious Attack” and most recently “Blue Love”.  She has also been a big part of a few projects with iFilmGroup.

“Because of the opportunities given to me to work on a variety of projects, I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of filming, from working the boom mic, to watching the team  set up before takes, to acting on screen. Matthew, Don and the whole team at iFilmGroup were extremely welcoming and helpful, and have inspired me to begin writing and filming my own projects”, says Victoria.

The iFilmGroup looks forward to working with Anna Victoria more in the future, but as she moves on to university and transitions in her life, those opportunities may be harder to get. ‘She is a pleasure to work with and I would have her on my set any time” says Marshall who is optimistic that there will be more chances for the team to have Anna Victoria on an iFilmGroup or m & s Marshall Productions set.

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  • All participating Accredited Mentoring Program participants must arrange with iFilmGroup and their school before they are accepted into the accredited program with iFilmGroup.