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iFilmGroup Holds Workshop and Commits to Cast All Actors Attending WORKSHOP in a Production in 2019

 The iFilmGroup team held its third workshop of the year in conjunction with some still pictures and filming of footage for upcoming promotional and marketing projects dealing with Drama Therapy. 

iFilmGroup Workshop with Don Hickey.png

The event took place at the Elgin Theatre Guild located at the Princess Ave Playhouse in St. Thomas and included various iFilmGroup member as well as some parents. The workshop / Production shoot was led by iFilmGroup Co-founders Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall.  In attendance were some familiar faces included Max Steinberg, Shelby Simpson, Devynn Carver, Jacob Gagen, George Crosby, Talia Mielke, Petrina Cook and John Kakalas.

The Drama Therapy focus comes after some interactions with a local Drama Therapist who wishes to work with iFilmGroup and partner with their mission to help youth and seniors on their life journey. The idea of Drama Therapy is the intentional and systematic use of drama and theatre processes to achieve healthy psychological growth and change. Action methods, spontaneous and dramatic play, drama games, mime, movement, voice, role-play, scripts, masks, myths, stories, metaphor, and symbolism are used to enable clients to express, experience and explore relevant feelings, emotions, and issues.

iFilmGroup Drama Therapy with puppets.png

The day included the use of masks and puppets as well as a dramatic expression to show emotion as well as techniques in expressing thoughts and feelings.  All these elements were incorporated into the workshop component of the day as well as the photos and filming.  The day also included an opportunity for friendship and interaction. Many social media connections were being made by the end of the day and friendships were most certainly formed.

iFilmGroup Drama Therapy Workshop with masks.png

Both participants, as well as the iFilmGroup team, considered the day a huge success that created some very powerful images to be used in the future. Coming out of the workshop the iFilmGroup Production Team was impressed with the attendees and commits to cast them in future 2019 productions.