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Zach with Matthew Marshall

An amazingly talented group of grade four to eight’s from LCA (London Christian Academy) presented "Fiddler on the Roof Jr." during late April. From the opening lighting dim, the young stars of the show began to shine.  The vision of the show started two years ago, as the creative minds on staff at the school started to day dream what "Fiddler on the Roof Jr." might look like when presented at LCA.

That vision did not disappoint. From the opening fiddle playing the “Fiddler on the Roof” Lana Luka to the opening number of “Tradition”. The cast, and the production lived up to the long history of the outstanding play. This very talented cast lead by a familiar face to m & s Marshall Production and iFilmGroup.org was Zachary Wilson who played the role of Tevye.  Zachary has been a part of the films "Malicious Attack" as a student and "Summer of Discovery" as Rob. Wilson is also to be a part of the newest m & s Marshall Production "Blue Love".  Along with that project Wilson will be part of upcoming filming and workshops with the iFilmGroup.org which will be happening in late May.

The talent did not stop at Wilson. He was surrounded by a very talented cast and crew from the school including Joy Ruby (as Golde), Annalene Bird (as Tzeitel), Joel Friesen-Walder (as Motel), Karys Embree (as Hodel), Joel Reibling (as Perchilk), Laura Reynolds (as Chava) and so many more. The play visually involves all of the school’s students from grade 4 -8 plus behind the scenes are also scores of volunteers and many LCA staff. All with incredible passion, working hard with an unwavering commitment to excellence for the show.

logo of Fiddler on the Roof production

The telling of this classic story of Tevye, a poor dairyman and his five daughters in a little village of Anatevka Czarist Russia surrounded by the tight-knit Jewish Community blends the old and tradition with the changing of times in a changing world.  It is a story that never gets old and being told by a young talented group of students proves it’s lasting endurance through the generations. “it certainly was a talented group of cast and crew from LCA who brought this together and told the story on stage in a very riveting way” says iFilmGroup.org co-founder and m & s Marshall productions co-owner Matthew Marshall.  He goes on to say “I have worked on many films and theatre productions in my over twenty five year career, it is not lost on me the amount of time and dedication it takes to pull together a show of this size with a cast size as Fiddler is.  I am very much aware of the extreme amount of work and dedication that goes into rehearsals to the end performances. Especially a live show.


This group of students, teachers and parents did an amazing job” says Marshall.  He speaks from his over 25 years of making films with over 300 youth teens and being an award winning film director at festivals around the world. “I think the kid’s teachers and parents deserve a lot of praise and thanks for all that they have given to make a project like this come to a successful show point.  Marshall as well as the entire m & s Marshall Production and iFilmGroup.org teams wish to congratulate LCA on the wonderful and successful presentation of the classic story of "Fiddler on the Roof".

Great job Zachary and LCA

from the iFilmGroup Production Team