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Extra call exceeds expectations

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iFilmGroup and m & s Marshall Productions have completed their goal of finding extras for the wedding scene of the movie, Blue Love. “We have had an overwhelming response,” says Blue Love director and iFilmGroup co-founder, Matthew Marshall. 174 people showed a desire to be an extra in the production. 84 extras had confirmed their attendance for July 14th, which meets the maximum number of people the production team could have for the capacity of the location. “We were blown away by the numbers of people that wanted to be part of the filming we’re doing. I am speechless,” says Don Hickey, also a co-founder, and Community Engagement Manager of iFilmGroup. Another 30 people were interested but unable to attend on the date set for the shoot.  While others the casting team had to turn away once they reached their max number.  The casting call had been out for several months to fill various extra roles within the film. The film’s wedding scene is the biggest to date for extras for the team. The production team is very excited to know they had a full location for this scene. “It will looked very impressive with all the seats filled,” says Marshall.

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Of the eighty-plus people who are extras, over twenty are already iFilmGroup members.  “It’s so great that so many of the iFilmGroup members are getting opportunities to grow in film through projects that are being filmed right within the area”’ says Hickey.  Hickey goes on to say “having our members be part of this filming is making the mission of iFilmGroup fulfilled in a very real way”. Marshall is enjoying creating opportunities for the actors of iFilmGroup. “Thirty of our members have been a part of the film in various ways as cast, extras and crew,” says Marshall.

“As part of iFilmGroup we enjoy opening doors and giving opportunities like this to people interested in film”, says Marshall.  People have the opportunity of growing through projects that are filmed right in the area. This is highly-beneficial for those who can’t travel to distances like Toronto. Hickey feels that this is at the heart of iFilmGroup. Giving talent, both young and old an opportunity to learn and grow through mentoring is really what iFilmGroup is all about. One of those opportunities has been for iFilmGroup acting coach Helena Rose. She will be playing the bride for the scene, Kaitlyn Butler which is the lead character in the film.  Rose is also the co-producer and co-writer of the film. “It’s been an opportunity to allow Helena to grow in her production experience beyond acting. It has exposed her to how a full production comes together from a technical perspective”’ says Marshall.

Hickey feels that giving opportunities and mentoring is at the heart of iFilmGroup. “Giving talent, both young and old an opportunity to expand their knowledge and give them opportunities to grow as an artist through mentoring from others who are in the industry is really what iFilmGroup is all about”, says Hickey.

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Filming for the wedding scene will happen on Saturday July 14th in Port Stanley. This is one of several scenes the production team is preparing for July 14th. These particular scenes will bring the opportunities for extras in the film to a close. However, Marshall and Hickey have plans in the works that will open up more opportunities for new and current iFilmGroup members. Preparation has started for casting and filming the short film, Not Ready, written by Hickey. Workshops and events are being planned as well.