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Blue Love, the independent dramatic film by m & s Marshall Productions has a theme of “blue” that runs through it on several levels. But the cast and crew of the film also have a red and white streak that runs through a major portion of the primary roles and positions as well as runs throughout the entire cast and crew. That red and white streak is that there is a major portion of them that have attended or are attending Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  It doesn’t take long when you look up and down the cast and crew of the film to see the Fanshawe roots run strong within the film.  Four of the top five roles in the film are people who have graduated or are attending Fanshawe.  The rest of the cast and crew is sprinkled with Fanshawe connections. All coming from a vast range of programs. From Film Making to Theatre arts, to nursing, and business classes. The Fanshawe legacy is woven into this production on many levels.

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You look no further than the top to see the Fanshawe connection trickle down. The co-owner of m & s Marshall Production and co-founder of iFilmGroup Matthew Marshall is a graduate of Fanshawe with diploma in “Audio Visual Multi Media Production” and a post graduate certificate in “Broadcast television Digital Editing Applications”. Marshall is the Co-Writer, Co-Producer and Director of Blue Love.  His Co-Writing partner and Co-Producer of the film is Helena Rose. She is also plays the lead role of Kaitlyn Butler in the film and an acting coach of iFilmGroup. Helena Rose is a graduate of the Theatre Arts Performance Program at Fanshawe. She is not the only one in the cast that graduated from that program, in fact two of her classmates from the same year as she was are part of the film in Alex Catherine Tremblay and Steven Barber.  Tremblay plays Paige the best friend of Kaitlyn. Something that was not hard for Tremblay and Rose to create on screen as they are friends since their time at Fanshawe.  Barber plays the role of Dylan Clarke. The cast includes two other current students of the Theatre Arts performance Program. They are Ryan Mason as Kaitlyn’s husband Craig Butler and Marley Cabral that plays a supporting major role of Diamond in the film.  The rest of the cast includes a number of other people who have graduated from the Fanshawe Theatre Arts Performance Program or are currently enrolled in it.  Including Cheyenne McLean (detective), Kydra Ryan (wedding guest), Samantha Barker (Police Officer), and Amy Curtis (extra and Sound recorder).

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The cast and crew also includes more past and present Fanshawe students including Dina Jasim (nurse), Zaid Shamsi( Police Officer & Crew), Jessica Fediw (extra in various scenes), Mary Anne Ciuciura (elderly Lady), Aaron Kramers (Crew),  Stephen LeGresley (crew), Brandopn Heessel (crew), and Suliman Abuslem (crew).

“Fanshawe has some great programs that are very hands on and train the people that come through them to come out into the world to excel in their fields” says Marshall. Dina Jasim got to play the role of a nurse in the film. Something she attended the Fanshawe and Western Program for. She wants to change the lives of others and help people. Through being apart of the productions that Marshall company and iFilmGroup are doing she got to be a part of a production where she play a role of a nurse which is very near and dear to her as well as be a part of something that she enjoys doing in acting.  “Several of the film Students have gain experience in making films by being a part of productions with us” Marshall adds. He enjoys being able to work with students and graduates from Fanshawe because he knows he is getting high quality in the people that are attend the school and that come out of the programs.

Recently Marshall went back to speak at Fanshawe to one of the Film Making courses as a guest speaking. (see a previous Press Release -iFilmGroup’s Matthew Marshall Guest Speaker at Fanshawe College for more ) Marshall has enjoyed working with the Fanshawe students that he has so far and he sees a strong connection with his former school where he was trained. He is looking forward to possibly more doors opening in the future and possible working closer with various programs in community partnerships if the opportunities were to arise.  “I think iFilmGroup can help them and they can help us” says Marshall