James Laframboise says...


I'm a student at St. Clair College taking Police Foundations. I have a friend; Charles Peterson, also in Police Foundations with me. He's been working as security on movie sets for a few years. I joined volunteering for the film productions with him. I can honestly say looking back now, that I'm glad I decided to leap right in and become a volunteer.

Being a college student at the time, it has helped to expand my horizons, as this new opportunity introduced me to a world I had no knowledge in. I gained a deep understanding of the film industry while on the set. My training in police foundations was used to "observe" lots of detail of each person and their function. I would quietly watch and learn, and between takes ask key people for more information of their duties. I realized that I was using my college education in the policing field to "investigate" the film set. I was very interested in learning more.

Working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds has helped me grow and learn about myself in ways that would have taken years to do away from the film industry. In policing we are trained to observe, takes note in detail and to digest this data. Once again, I realized I was using my education to advance my knowledge. The movie set allows a person to ascertain different persons from various ethnic backgrounds, ages and mind sets. On set I've been able to learn and experience first hand things related to my field of study. Studying police foundations and being able to work on movie sets in security has honed my skills.

The people on the set are wonderful. As often as I could, I would ask the directors or assistants for more detail and functions of positions or equipment. Matthew Marshall ( I like his last name, since I'm studying policing.) a director, took me aside and demonstrated the use of sound recording equipment.  Boy, was my ears opened!

I have advanced from security to the sound department. I handle and maintain the equipment and also operate the equipment during the filming process. I want to continue learning and exploring the wonders of film making and to continue working with these wonderful people I've come to know. Most are like family to me.

I'm really grateful for the opportunity that has allowed me to leap from one trade into another seamlessly.

Thanks everyone!

James A. Laframboise