Aaron Kramers

Aaron Kramers

Aaron says...

I had the great opportunity of working with this fabulous Production Team on three productions as a cameraman. The films included “Malicious Attack”, “Summer of Discovery” and “Blue Love”

It gave me an opportunity to see different styles and ways of how people approach and make movies. This on set experience added extra depth to the knowledge I have gained from attending the “Film Studies” program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario.

Since first working with the team I have had the opportunity to branch out and make my own film “Chester”, which I wrote and directed. The film is about a therapy session with a man who reveals that he may have the abnormal ability of causing a traumatic event. The film made it to the top ten at the “Western Smartphone Film Festival”. “Chester” my film, included an actor whom I met through the Production Team of iFilmGroup. This is just one example of how working with them has helped me to make connections with other people in the area who are making films.

I am working towards returning to Fanshawe to further my studies in the art of film making. Thanks to the team for being a step in me reaching my potential as a filmmaker and thanks to the entire Production Team for one of the best experience that I have ever had!

I look forward to more opportunities with this group and I strongly encourage anyone interested in learning more about film and getting hands on experience in film making to connect with the iFilmGroup.

Aaron Kramers