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Angel Bilagot - Drama Therapist Testimony 

Since making a connection with the iFilmGroup co-founders, I have come to realize that we share the same mission of providing a safe, supportive and creative environment that allows and encourages personal expression and growth. I know that we agree that this environment can then facilitate a positive change in a very meaningful way.

The iFilmGroup team has worked on projects which have included such topics as Addictions (Addictions), Electronic device attachment (Tuned In), Depression (Struggles Within), Teen bullying (Malicious Attack), and Domestic abuse (Blue Love).  In speaking with the co-founders and witnessing their work, it is evident that this form of art is intentionally being used to tell stories that are meaningful and resonate with a wide range of audiences. This work is to be commended.

In addition to the films and potentially just as meaningful, the iFilmgroup also builds and supports a community behind the scenes. This is made up of the entire cast and crew. The writers, cast, and crew are essentially an inter-generational group coming together working towards the same goal. In this community, support, guidance, and mentorship is encouraged. For example, if someone in the community was interested in learning more about the filmmaking process, iFilmgroup would not only support it but also facilitate it.

The area of drama is a passion for me. I am a Registered Psychotherapist and Drama Therapist.  I have spent many years studying Theatre in relation to mental health and the benefits of the two worlds being brought together. I am dedicated to my work and the belief that people can find healing through the arts. Drama therapy uses drama and theatre to achieve therapeutic goals. Simply put, a drama therapist uses drama in a skilled and intentional way to help others. This type of therapy is done in a safe environment under the guidance of a trained therapist who can use these moments of theatre and play to help a client heal and grow.

It is through the art of drama that people can learn and discover many things. The process of acting out our feelings and emotions can be quite powerful and can help us with expression, confidence, regulation, prole solving, etc. It is this vein, that I support the iFilmgroup. The actor, for example, is given many outlets that are applicable to life. If the actor is to play an emotion, perhaps anger or sadness, this gives them a moment or several, to connect to this feeling. The can feel the emotion and express it in a safe environment. Or, it the actor is given the opportunity to try and run a scene several different ways until it feels right, this too is applicable to life. It allows the person to realize that there are many ways to approach a situation and that they have the ability to choose what is right for them. Additionally, giving an actor the opportunity to be part of a community filled with novices, contemporaries and mentors, allows them to discover how to be in such a circumstance. They can explore the different relationships and learning opportunities and who they are among it. Simply in being a part of the entire process of iFilmgroup is the opportunity to learn and grow. 

It has been a pleasure working with the iFilmGroup team thus far and I look forward to many more opportunities in the future with this amazing group.

Angel Bilagot MA, RDT, RP