pic of actor Amy Lynn Curtis with iFilmGroup.org

Amy Lynn Curtis says...

I believe I was very lucky to stumble upon this group of talented people with a passion for film. As someone who when I first started with this group was just breaking into the filming industry. It was a lucky break. I had no previous schooling or experience in the industry. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them. I have had the wonderful experience to work on three productions with them.

For the short film “Malicious Attack” I was part of cast and crew. On the acting front I was a “student” in the film’s High School. When not part of acting in any scene I was one of the boom microphone operators.

The second opportunity was for the feature film “Summer of Discovery”. I was part of the crew as a Production Assistant.

The third opportunity was working on Matthew Marshall’s hour long drama "Blue Love". I worked as one of the sound recordist on the film.

It’s been very eye opening experience, getting to work on the set and getting the actual hands on experience. They provide you with the chance to try new things and are patient with people they know are just starting out, willing to accept mistakes as they happen and teach you how to fix them.

I especially like how on set, you get to see how everyone works together; it’s not just actors acting, it’s not just light people doing light work, it’s not just sound people doing sound. People’s opinions from all jobs are valuable and sometimes taken into consideration. Director has final say of course, but the fact that everyone works together to put the director’s vision together was a really cool discovery. I think it makes everyone feel appreciated.

After all the experience I have had with this group I have decided to pursue further education in the field of acting. In the fall of 2018 my journey begins in the Fanshawe Theatre Arts program.

Overall, I think this type of experience is much better than something school could offer, especially for someone who wants to try it out and see if it’s for them, rather than wasting money going to film school and realizing it’s not for them. I’d definitely encourage more people to seek this group out if they’re thinking of giving the film industry a try!

Amy Lynn Curtis