Kyle White

Kyle White says...


I first met Matthew Marshall in St. Thomas, Ontario, when I was in my second semester of my grade 12 year of high school. I was preparing to start my three year Film Broadcasting program at Mohawk College in the fall. We got to talking about making films. He said he had some projects that were looking for crew and was willing to bring me on board for some of his projects as well as mention my name to some other people that were making films. I jumped at the opportunity.

I worked with the Production Team on the short film "Tuned In" as the principle cinematographer working directly with the Director of Photography. The film was a great opportunity to gain experience and I met some new people whom I connected with and have worked on various other projects because of meeting them.

The next opportunity came working with the Production Team on the short film about depression, "Struggles Within" directed by Corrinne Wood which was told through dance. I was one of several camera operators on the project which was filmed with multiple cameras to catch the various angles of the complex dance routines that make up the film. In the spirit of this team I made new friends and had a blast bring the project to life.

The third opportunity with the production team was working as one of the cinematographers filming the short film "Malicious Attack" about bullying. Again another wonderful experience where we have lots of fun and met even more people which I continue to be friends with and have networked with.

All three films have given me the opportunity to work with talented people on set and to add to what I have gained from the film Broadcast program at Mohawk College. This along with my experience on other projects I have worked on has made me the person I am today and set me on the path to a career within the media, TV and film industry.

All the learning and training from working with the Production Team, my schooling and other projects and jobs that I have worked on, has set me on my path to developing the trained "camera eye" that I have now. It has earned me the honour of receiving the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Outstanding Media Award.


All that experience has opened doors as I branch out into my career path in media and film. I run my own photography company of "Whiteflash Photography" as well as I have had the privilege to work camera on multiple live sporting broadcast and to have worked on set of several TV shows filmed in Toronto including; "12 Monkeys" on Syfy Network, "The Detail" on Global Network, and "The Beaverton".

I thank the Production Team for giving me an opportunity to get a start and to be a part of these films on my journey within the media industry. They were a spring board into bigger projects that I have moved onto.

Kyle White