Kurt Freeman

Kurt Freeman

Kurt Freeman says...

I''m a senior of 67. Don Hickey approached me while he was at the Covent Market in London. Don has known me for 20 years and he knew that I had worked in the broadcasting business. He asked me if I would like to work with youth creating award winning movies with seniors. I almost dropped my cane and fell into the huge fruit and vegetable stand.

I was an extra in the movie "Summer of Discovery". It was great interacting with the young actors and crew. I had some great conversations with them between takes. The young actors would gravitate towards me and treat me like a grandparent. I liked listening to their stories and they liked having an ear to talk to. They had some great stories too. I hope there are more roles for us older actors as I look forward to more interactions with the younger ones.

I was really impressed with the skills of the director; Corrinne Wood and the other crew members. They had young people really doing the hands-on stuff... like, lights, sound, camera. I took notice of a couple of young actors doing their part right on cue and with remarkable acting skills. I think a few of these kids are really going to advance themselves in the movie industry and I got to watch them from their early start in the business.

Made me feel young again... when can I do it again?!

Thanks Don for approaching me.

Kurt Freeman