Sharon Marshall
Sharon Marshall

Sharon Marshall says...

I am partner with my son, Matthew Marshall. We own m & s Marshall Productions. I have been the Executor Producer on all the m & s Marshall Production movies over the years since we began.

When we do productions, our cast and crew are usually made up of youth and young adults. This gives them an opportunity to act and supplies us with new fresh talent.

I have worked with youth and young adults for most of my adult life. As a young woman, I lead and taught 4-H to youth. Teaching them about nutrition, sewing and dress making, cooking, baking, gardening, preserving vegetables, and decorating. Later I taught Sunday School and lead a Youth Group within the church and community.

During my seventeen years as a law assistant, I taught co-op students from the various high schools, how to answer phones, how to work in an office, and then how to attend Court and help the lawyers. My experience is quite broad.

Since 1999 I have also taken on the mature role as a mentor to many of the cast members. I have held a frightened teenage girl during an electrical storm; stood with and prompted a new actor who could never make her cues on time; to name a few issues.

Sometimes it is a matter of listening to their issues, or making sure they get some nourishment after a particularly difficult scene.

It means a lot to each and every actor/actress when you are there to give them a high five, a pat on the back or a word of praise. All of these things are so easy to do, and means so much to them.

The reward is seeing how far they have come during the process, watching them come into their own and master the task. And what is really exciting is to watch as they walk on to a stage to accept a reward for their work.

Sharon Marshall