Lesley Chapman says...

Elgin Theatre Guild
St Thomas, Ontario

It takes special kind of people to work with teens and it takes special kind of people to broach a subject like bullying, a sometimes taboo subject. Matthew Marshall and his team took on this challenge and managed to give the impact it needed.

I worked with Matthew and his team during the filming of “Malicious Attack” and as a Director myself, I was very impressed with the sensitivity that was shown to the teenagers involved. During filming they were encouraged to express verbally to the team how they felt about a particular scene. To consider how they would feel if they were in this situation or how DID they feel if they HAD been in this situation. The kids working on “Malicious Attack” were able to get a sense of the enormity of the subject.

Working with our younger , sometimes vulnerable community in this way can only bring awareness and a sense of empathy to any sensitive subject. Teenagers especially need a sense of direction, of purpose and understanding, by creating film involving them can only enhance their sense of belonging. To letting them know their voices are heard and listened to by their Peers and the Adult Community, who can sometimes lose sight of the trials the younger generation face in this fast paced, sometimes egoistical society we have created. A pause, a step back, a visual as in teenagers telling their story can make us as Adults take on a new perspective of these problems.

Matthew gains respect in his attitude, his listening skills, his sense of humor and in his writing. It was my pleasure to work with Matthew and watch him in action. I wish him great success and hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.

Lesley Chapman