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iFilmGroup is Special Guest

iFilmGroup is Special Guest at the Elgin Theatre Guild's 'Film verse Theatre' “Tweens” workshop

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iFilmGroup co-founders Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall were Special Guest at the Elgin Theatre Guild's 'Film verse Theatre' “Tweens” workshop run by Lesley Chapman.  Chapman is ran a week long workshop from July 30th to Aug 3rd for 11 tweens that are associated with the theatre. These special guests taught them the differences between working on a theatre show and working on a film set.


They were at the theatre from 9 am to 3pm Monday to Friday with the group putting on and recording their own program at the end of the week. Throughout the week in the afternoon they have guests. Hickey and Marshall were the guests on Tuesday afternoon.  They talked about both of their experience in film and Marshall told them about his 30 years of experience working both in Theatre and Film and what some of the differences are.

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Hickey and Marshall also talked about iFilmGroup and the work they are doing with their group in making films and building relationships. Following the speaking by Hickey and Marshall they took questions from the group of “tweens” and then the “tweens” showed them what they were working on for their Friday project. Marshall and Hickey observed and sat in on the group’s production meeting following the run through they did.


Lesley Chapman gave the group notes on their presentation and Marshall and Hickey offered some further advice from their perspective.  The group then took some pictures with Hickey and Marshall before the day wrapped up. The “tweens” expressed that they had a great time and were very happy and thankful for Hickey and Marshall coming to speak.  The group appreciated the knowledge and the time that had been given to them.

From Marshall and Hickey perspective this was just the first step in what iFilmGroup is looking to do in the rest of 2018 into 2019. They wish to partner with Lesley and the ETG as well as other organizations related to theatre and film to provide knowledge and mentorship to people interested in learning more about the film industry.  Plans are in the works for future workshops and possible some further speaking engagements by iFilmGroup.