Andrew Khalil

Andrew Khalil says...

I have had the privilege of working with the brilliant director and writer, Matthew Marshall, on several projects such as “Malicious Attack”, “Addictions” along with other smaller projects for the past 7 years. Although I do not have a film/theatre background or experience, Matthew has never rejected an opportunity for those who share the same heart and passion for the message as I was able to find myself on his set in various roles.

Matthew has dedicated his life to fulfilling his vision in fighting social injustice and perplexing issues such as bullying, addiction, human trafficking, and faith from the perspective of young people and the underprivileged through his gifts of creative script writing and directing. Although I do not intend to be an actor or enter the film industry, Matthew has given me the opportunity to experience my passions through various projects through different roles, technical work, or even observing from behind the scenes. Through these, Matthew has taught me additional valuable lessons that continually encourage me to be a part of his projects from management and leadership to social interactions and knowledge about modern social issues.

Through my experience with Matthew, I was inspired by his level of professionalism while simultaneously giving a friendly and positive atmosphere on set, even on longer work days. Above all, Matthew values work relationships and connections between the entire cast regardless of their role, promoting a special sense of inclusion and privilege to be a part of his work. Moreover, Matthew is extremely patient and organized. He uses the tough moments to positively teach and improve his cast. This helps strengthen the morale and growth of his young cast and brings them closer to their dreams and living their passion.

While other mainstream industries could have accelerated path to success, Matthew continues in his uphill battle in living his purpose and raising awareness. Still, his quality shines through his success indicated by achieving numerous various awards over the past few years. This encourages many of the youth and young adult’s part of the project and increases self-confidence while prompting additional projects that allow for more opportunities and positions for young people to find and continually live their passions!

Andrew Khalil